Sean Strickland’s wife: Who is ‘Tarzan’ married to?

Sean Strickland is one of the most controversial figures in the UFC. Find out the details about his private life.

Sean Strickland’s wife: Who is ‘Tarzan’ married to?

Sean Strickland and his girlfriend (via Imago/UFC X account)

Sean Strickland became popular worldwide after his title-winning performance at UFC 293. Strickland’s trash-talks and media shenanigans have increased his fanbase. He always appears in newsletters for his crazy stories. But let’s take a look at Sean Strickland’s girlfriend/wife and personal life.

‘Tarzan’ has an excellent professional MMA career. Sean Strickland is a character when it comes to his tweets and social media captions, as he almost always pops up in the media for the extravagant stories he tells. However, he is an excellent combat artist and the middleweight champion of the UFC.

He displayed outstanding boxing skills and defeated then-champion Israel Adesanya at UFC 293. After the fight, Strickland’s dating life became a topic of discussion. Find out more details about his dating life.

Is Sean Strickland dating Nina Marie Daniele?

Contrary to popular belief, Strickland is not dating Nina Marie Daniele. The two are good friends, as seen on several of ‘Nina Drama’s’ YouTube videos. Nina is already in a long-term relationship with Jhanelle Castillo. The model remains an ardent supporter of Strickland and cheered him on his title fight against Adesanya.

Sean Strickland and Nina Marie Daniele
Sean Strickland and Nina Marie Daniele (Via Yahoo Sports)

Many people thought she was the girlfriend of Sean Strickland. Other than that, the most personal things you can find about the man are on his Twitter page or in the gym. He’s known to be a hard hitter and loves to give his opinions on X.

Who is the wife/girlfriend of Sean Strickland?

Strickland is not married but has been in a relationship for a year now. The only known detail of Sean Strickland’s girlfriend is her name. Even then, no media websites knew her full name. Strickland and his coaches address her as KJ. Not much is known about her.

Sean Strickland and girlfriend
Sean Strickland and girlfriend (Via YouTube)

This is because Strickland values his privacy when it comes to his girlfriend. The majority of the MMA media only found out about the relationship when it was featured in the UFC Embedded episode for UFC 293.

Strickland’s coach, Erik Nicksick, credits his girlfriend for helping Strickland deal with his childhood trauma. This, according to Nicksick, allowed Strickland to become a better fighter and win the middleweight title against Adesanya.

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