Tom Aspinall Nationality: Is UFC’s heavyweight prospect Polish or British?

Is the UFC's heavyweight title contender Polish or British?

Tom Aspinall Nationality: Is UFC’s heavyweight prospect Polish or British?

Tom Aspinall (Image Courtesy: UFC

Tom Aspinall is one of the most popular heavyweight prospects in the UFC. The fighter often headlines UFC London events and has a huge fan base of British MMA fans. The nationality of Tom Aspinall became a topic of discussion among the fans.

Surprisingly, the UFC superstar born in Manchester is not entirely of British descent. This news caught the attention of many fans as they were curious about his origins after his weigh-in for UFC Fight Night London. There, he fought Marcin Tybura from Poland.


Ahead of this much-anticipated fight, the fighters faced off against each other for the first time for the promotion. During the interaction, Aspinall and Tybura talked to each other in Polish. Tybura was born in Poland, but what surprised fans the most was Aspinall fluently conversing with the fighter in Polish.

Now, Tom Aspinall who has a very thick British accent being so good in Polish caught many fans and followers off-guard. The heavyweight fighter made his UFC debut in 2020 and went on a five-fight winning streak before losing to Curtis Blaydes. Aspinal ranks #4 in the heavyweight division and is a top contender for the title.

What is Tom Aspinall’s connection with Poland?

It’s not the first time Tom Aspinall has spoken Polish. One time, Aspinall was questioned by fans as he frequently posted pictures of Polish flags on his Instagram account.

Tom Aspinall
Tom Aspinall (via MMA News)

To reply to the curious fans, the heavyweight made a video and there he explained how his mother is from Poland, which makes him half-Polish. Growing up in a mixed household, Aspinall learned both English and Polish. However, he speaks the language with a bit of an accent because he lived in the UK for years.

Is Tom Aspinall’s wife Polish?

Tom Aspinall’s wife, Justynagro Aspinall, is also of Polish nationality, which further contributes to his familiarity with the language and culture. This allows him to practice his Polish daily. Aspinall like to keep his family away from the scrutiny of the public eye, and hence, does not post a lot about his wife and kids. His wife does leave supportive comments on his fighting or training posts.

Tom Aspinall
Tom Aspinall (Image Courtesy – The Independent)

Even though Aspinall is half-Polish, during his fights, he represents England. This is mostly because he has lived and trained in England for the majority of his life.


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