Rob Font’s girlfriend: Who is Kathryn Frias and how did she meet the UFC bantamweight fighter?

Find out the relationship status details of ranked bantamweight fighter Rob Font.

Rob Font’s girlfriend: Who is Kathryn Frias and how did she meet the UFC bantamweight fighter?

Rob Font's girlfriend, Kathryn Frias (via Instagram)

Rob Font is one of the most exciting bantamweight fighters in the division. His journey to the top was not easy, but Rob Font’s girlfriend has stood by his side in fighting his career through thick and thin.

Rob Font has managed to make his name household in the UFC’s bantamweight division and is pursuing to the top of the mountain. However, getting to this level was not very easy for Rob. The fighter leaned on others for help and support. Let’s look at the person Font loves spending his time with, Kathryn Frias. Find out more details about Rob Font’s relationship.


Who is Rob Font’s girlfriend, Kathryn Frias?

Rob Font’s girlfriend went to Florida Tampa University. Kathryn is no foreigner to fighting as she has helped Font out with his career for a long time. The fighter has revealed many times in the past that she remained the main support system for his fighting.

Rob Font and his girlfriend
Rob Font and his girlfriend (via Instagram)

From his Instagram, it can be seen that the couple remains very public about their relationship and does not shy away from flaunting their togetherness.

Apart from being a shoulder to lean on outside the octagon, Frias ensures she can contribute her best when Font is in the gym. Rob has posted videos of him and his girlfriend hitting the pads and enjoying their time in the gym together.


How did Rob Font meet his girlfriend?

Rob and his girlfriend are childhood sweethearts. According to reports, the couple started their relationship in seventh grade. Kathryn has been together with Font in his fighting career for his whole life. She was also present for his first-ever amateur fight. His first fight was in 2009, and his girlfriend has been there to help him since day one.

Rob Font and Kathryn Frias
Rob Font with his team (via Instagram)

In an interview, Font spoke very highly about his girlfriend and her skills in managing his finances since day one. The fighter says that if not for her, his life would not be stable. This is what he said:

I'm fortunate to have a girlfriend who can secure day-to-day bills, the day-to-day finances. She's been taking care of me with finances since like 2010, so it wasn't that big of a deal for me. She is my biggest supporter.
Rob Font on his girlfriend

Kathryn is on social media and goes by the name “misskluvv.” The woman has around 1500 followers. However, Frias is not as open to the public as the bantamweight fighter when it comes to sharing stuff online.


How many kids do Rob Font and Kathryn Frias have?

Rob Font and his girlfriend started dating during their school days. However, the couple did not have any kids initially. This was because of Font’s focus on his MMA career.

Rob Font and Kathryn Frias with their daughter
Rob Font and Kathryn Frias with their daughter(via Instagram)

The couple welcomed their first child in 2022. Font and Frias post pictures of their daughter regularly on Instagram.


Is Rob Font in a relationship?

Yes, he is in a relationship with Kathryn Frias

Does Rob Font have kids?

He has a daughter.

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