Valorant Celestial Skin Bundle: New Weapon Skins

In this article we take a look at the latest skinline called the Valorant Celestial Skin Bundle and take a look at what it entails.


Valorant is a massively popular first person shooter in the current eSports world. Likewise the game is developed and released by the popular gaming giant, Riot Games. The game is a action shooter which requires the players to either defend or go on the offence. The game has many cosmetics that the players can buy. Therefore in this article we take a look at the latest Valorant Celestial Skin Bundle.

Valorant has a ton of cosmetics that the players can buy in-game. Likewise several new skin lines are also being released into the game. On of these is the Valorant Celestial Skin Bundle.

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Valorant Celestial Skin Bundle


The latest skin bundle coming to Valorant is inspired from Asian Art. Moreover it is to celebrate the new Lunar new year and the Year of the Bull.

The skin line features the same art throughout all the weapons. However the accents vary for weapon to weapon. Moreover the skin line features a black body with golden accents all over it. There is a picture of rising waves and setting sun with animations for both. The gun skins also change the ADS or the Aim marker to fit the theme.

The weapons that are included into the bundle are:

  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Frenzy

New Melee weapon


Moreover a new melee weapon is added similar to Chinese fan. The weapon is completely golden and has an Bull head on the top. Moreover in a animation the players can use the fan as an emote.

New Cards and Sprays

There are new sprays and cards added that also reflect the theme of the Lunar New Year.

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