Valorant Devs Confirms Coach Slots In Development

Valorant dev Riley Yurk has leaked that coach slots are in development and will be available in game soon.

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In recent times, we have seen Riot Games taking their fans’ feedback into consideration while implementing new updates to their first person shooter Valorant. While they have focused on refining their ranking system and the overall competitive atmosphere of their title, the demands of a portion of the player base to implement a coaching system in Valorant seemed to have gone unnoticed.

Valorant Dev Riley Yurk Confirm Coach Slots In Development

Valorant dev Riley Yurk Confirm Coach Slots In Development

In February 2021, when NRG coach Chet “Chet” Singh recommended a bunch of changes for Valorant, Riot dev Riley Yurk had confirmed that coach slots were already in the works.

Recently, popular dataminer ‘ValorLeaks’ had revealed on Twitter that coach slots might be coming to Valorant in the upcoming update, which is expected to go live next week. He further revealed that each team will likely have multiple coach slot.

Valorant Coach Slots

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While coach slots may not have a significant impact in the lower ranks, they will certainly lay a positive impact on the professional scene of the shooter. For the unaware, coach slot will enable coaches to spectate games live in the first-person perspective of their respective teams.

Riot Games has not confirmed the date of coach slot arriving to Valorant officially as of yet.

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