Valorant: New Sova Bug lets players fly

A Sova bug has surfaced on Reddit which lets players self boost themselves or cover large portions of the map quickly by riding the Recon Bolt itself.

Valorant: New Sova Bug lets players fly

The latest Valorant patch released just a few days ago with new and exciting changes to characters and weapons. It introduced important and much-needed buffs and nerfs. Valorant updates however are also notorious for introducing bugs and glitches along with them. This article covers one such glitch that lets players fly using a recon dart.

Valorant: New Sova Bug lets players fly
Valorant: New Sova Bug lets players fly 2

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Valorant: New Sova Bug lets players fly:

It all started when 2 days ago, a clip surfaced on Reddit where user u/ozzsuxhad posted a video titled, “you can ride Sova arrows now”. In the video, he successfully manages to stand on top of a Recon Bolt launched by his friend and fly along with it until it hits a wall. He continues to recreate it further by launching an arrow and his friend riding it. After this, he also shows that a player can also self boost himself using the Recon Bolt. He shows how a player can self boost himself by firing a Recon Bolt onto the ground without adding any bounces and immediately jumping on it. Using this, Sova players can now get on spots that only Jett or Omen players could and sometimes even places which they could not.

This clip quickly went viral in the Valorant subreddit and soon, multiple clips of others recreating this bug to gain some interesting advantage started filling the r/Valorant subreddit. Players started getting creative with these arrow boosts and many even used them to cover whole portions of the map quickly.

The boost, however, proved to be a risky one as it needed slightly higher accuracy to successfully perform and unsuccessful attempts only meant that the Recon Bolt was now wasted. This did not stop players from creating their own guides and lineups to consistently perform the boost.

Even pro players such as Shahzam and Sinatraa got in on the bug and recreated the bug on their streams. The bug did not, however, last long and Riot patched it before it got out of hand.

This is not the first time that there has been such a bug. A few months ago there was a bug that allowed players to boost themselves similarly using an Owl Drone. Other characters have too faced such bugs. For example, there was a glitch involving Omen that allowed him to teleport through the map. Another pixel boost could be performed using Sage walls to gain an unfair edge over opponents on certain points on certain maps. All these bugs have also been patched by Riot.

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