“You STINK!” Warriors fans trolled by ESPN analyst for going frenzy over latest exit from play-in tournament

The Golden State Warriors' 2023-24 NBA season came to an end at the hands of Sacramento Kings.

“You STINK!” Warriors fans trolled by ESPN analyst for going frenzy over latest exit from play-in tournament

Stephen Curry (Credits: IMAGO)

When the Sacramento Kings defeated the Golden State Warriors in a play-in tournament and forced them out of the playoffs, fans were taken aback. The title drought will now continue despite the presence of big three players like Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry. After the Warriors’ defeat, ESPN sportswriter Brian Windhorst took a jab at Warriors supporters and the team for losing in the championship race once more.


During his appearance on UNSPORTSMANLIKE Radio, Brian Windhorst came up with a consoling touch to the Warriors supporters, while also adding spice to his tone. He made fun of the Warriors squad, saying they didn’t have to win the championship every year. Given that the Warriors haven’t won a championship in a while, his tone was intended to convey the opposite message.

It's okay that the Warriors don't win the title every single year. I know that we expect, you know, you are deemed like you stink if you don't want to title every year you stink. They have only won four guys, but they have won only four. I am sorry, they are not gonna win it every year. 
Brian Windhorst said

The Dubs fans are devastated because they thought the Golden State Warriors would at least qualify for the playoffs and finish in the top three of the NBA standings. What Windhorst said about not winning a title every year might be true, as this is the same team that achieved the incredible feat of winning five consecutive NBA titles.

Skip Bayless bluntly indicates Golden State Warriors’ issues following Play-In loss to Kings

Without a doubt, the Golden State Warriors played their poorest game of the season in the game that mattered the most. One of the numerous reasons for the loss was Klay Thompson, who had a game of zero points, which is unheard of for a player of his caliber. Following the Warriors’ defeat over the Kings, Skip Bayless believes the Warriors dynasty has reached its end.

Looks like the Warriors are exactly what their records said they were - aging, flawed, troubled, vulnerable. Only 21-20 at home. Always questions and controversy and instability swirling around Draymond The Podcaster. The Dynasty is over. 
Skip Bayless on X

Bayless spoke straightforwardly and accurately. A 21-20 record at home says a lot about their team’s philosophy. He also specifically targeted Draymond Green for being unstable.

The Warriors lost several games as a result of his aggression. While the team is now already on its postseason break, the front office must decide on a few things that will help the team.

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