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What are Job Site blocks in Minecraft?

The Job Site blocks in Minecraft are responsible for giving out jobs to the unemployed villagers!

Job Site blocks in Minecraft (image via. fictionhorizon.com)

Minecraft has a extensive system of crafting and building that can make everything from the scratch. Here is all about the Job Site blocks in Minecraft that can turn villagers into a hard working Villager with an Occupation.

Villagers are one of the neutral mobs in the game who do not attack the players. They are found in Villages, that are a naturally spawning structure, and can trade with the player according to the job they have. However, players can also control which job they pick by introducing them to certain blocks in the game.

These blocks are used by the players in tasks but are also known as Job Site blocks in Minecraft, which can give an unemployed villager a job and the means to trade!

Job Site Blocks in Minecraft: All Listed

Job Site blocks in Minecraft (image via. gurugamer.com)

There are a total of 13 villager jobs in Minecraft and 2 states that are not counted as jobs and this can change the Trading items in the UI and also their appearance.

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Players simply need to place any of the mentioned Job Site blocks in Minecraft near an unemployed villager to change their occupation to the block’s properties.

Armourer: Blast Furnace

Armourer Villagers sells chainmail armor, armor items and can be turned in it using a Blast Furnace.

Butcher: Smoker

Players can get meat and cooked meat from this villager using emeralds.

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Cartographer: Cartography Table

Cartography Villagers can be found near a Cartography Table and can trade maps and treasure maps with the players.

Cleric: Brewing Stand

The Cleric is a rare job which sells magical items and Bottles o’Enchanting which gives EXP!

Farmer: Composter

Farmer will give the players advanced and complex food items and also some nice brewing ingredients.

Fisherman: Barrel

Fisherman Villagers will sell fish and also fishing rods to the player for some emeralds.

Fletcher: Fletching Table

The Fletcher is a strange occupation but has a variety of useful items. They sell tipped arrows, bows and flints!

Job Site blocks in Minecraft (image via. twinfinite.com)

Leatherworker: Cauldron

Leatherworkers are responsible for giving leather armor, saddles and even horse armor for the players.

Librarian: Lectern

Librarians are the most sought after job in Minecraft and can give Enchanted Books and eve name tags. Players need the job site block of a Lectern.

Mason: Stonecutter

Mason Villagers will give the players pre-cut stone bricks and can trade them for emeralds.

Shepherd: Loom

They specialise in dyed wool clothing, paintings and even wool blocks. The Loom can be used to turn unemployed villagers into Shepards.

Toolsmith: Smithing Table

Toolsmiths give out enchanted tools and normal tools to the players.

Weaponsmith: Grindstone

Weaponsmiths are great at selling weapons like swords, axes and even sell diamond weapons as well.

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