“Absolutely the best,” AEW star heaps praises on John Cena

AEW star Miro is has heaps of praises for 16-time World Champion John Cena.

john cena
Leader of Cenation

John Cena is one of the biggest names in the professional wrestling industry. He is the most successful Superstar in the history of WWE. The Leader of Cenation holds the record for the most number of title reigns along with Ric Flair – with 16 World Championships. He had started his career as a bodybuilder but made the switch to professional wrestling in 1999.

In 2001, Cena was signed by WWE (then known as WWF) and he gained worldwide popularity with the promotion. For over a decade, he was pushed as the face of the company and Cena played a crucial role in taking WWE to newer markets. He soon moved on to pursue a career in Hollywood where he experienced a blockbuster year in 2021.

Through his busy Hollywood schedule, John Cena found a month to return to WWE for Summerslam 2021. He feuded against the Universal Champion Roman Reigns for nearly a month and delivered arguably the best feud of the year. While he ended up losing to Reigns, the fans were more than excited to see him action.

Cena is inarguably one of the best in the business. Whenever a professional wrestler works or performs or just meets him – there is a lot to learn from his decades of experiences. Some Superstars who have left the company still respect him. All Elite Wrestling star Miro (formerly known as Rusev in WWE) recently appeared on The Kurt Angle Show where he had nothing but praise for the 16-time Champion.

“John is the best. John is absolutely the best. I learned so much from him even to this day. Once again, he’s such a teacher. He’s so good and he’s one of those guys, ‘What’s your four best moves?’ That’s what I learned from him that I utilize to this day. He asks you that not because — He just wants to highlight you in the best spots, in the best lighting,” mentioned the AEW star.

John Cena – Rusev’s iconic feud

john cena
Cena and Miro

16-time World Champion John Cena had an iconic feud against Rusev at Wrestlemania 31. They had collided against each other with the United States Championship on the line. Rusev has walked in as the United States Champion and had dominated for a major part of the match.

John Cena managed to make a comeback. Lana, got up on the ring apron, but was knocked down by Rusev during the match. He was distracted and Cena got the opportunity to capitalize. He delivered the Attitude Adjustment and pinned Rusev to become the United States Champion at the Showcase of Immortals.  

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