“Brock Lesnar is not the best”: The Beast Incarnate’s 2K22 rating isn’t the highest anymore

The “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar is no longer the highest rated Superstar on WWE’s upcoming 2K22.

brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been one of the most dominant forces in WWE. He is the only person to have held the heavyweight Championships in WWE, UFC, NJPW as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association. While the titles are testament of his dominance, the fact that Lesnar was responsible for breaking The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streaks says how much the company has pushed him.

There haven’t been many Superstars in the industry who have been pushed as much as the Beast Incarnate. He made his surprise return to WWE at Summerslam 2021 and went on head to head with the face of the company – Universal Champion Roman Reigns. In the absence of Lesnar, WWE had built Roman Reigns as an unstoppable force.

The unstoppable force collided against the immovable object, Brock Lesnar, at Crown Jewel 2021. The match included the referee being injured and interferences from Paul Heyman as well as the Usos. All of this helped the Tribal Chief in retaining his title. But a win’s a win. Now it seems like the win has suggested that Reigns has replaced Lesnar as the megastar of the company.

On the WWE 2K20 roster, Lesnar was the highest-rated active wrestler, with a rating of 93. But now it seems like WWE is committed to pushing Roman Reigns as their top Superstar. Hence, the highest rated active Superstars on the WWE 2K22 roster is the Universal Champion.

The Tribal Chief has a rating of 95 whereas the Beast Incarnate is behind him with a rating of 94. One of the main reasons could be the fact that the only time Reigns and Lesnar collided since 2K20, Reigns had emerged victorious. Interestingly, among the active Superstars, only Drew McIntyre (91) and Bobby Lashley (91) are part of the list of Superstars with a rating over 90.

Brock Lesnar has two Championship matches lined up

Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2022
Brock Lesnar won the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble match

Brock Lesnar won the WWE Championship at Day 1, but lost it at Royal Rumble to Bobby Lashley. But it didn’t take him long to get back into the Championship scene as he went on to win the Men’s Royal Rumble match on the same night – earning himself the right to main event Wrestlemania.

The Beast Incarnate has announced that at Mania he will be coming after the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns. But at the same time he mentioned that he wants the WWE Championship too. He would be entering the Elimination Chamber later this month to try and capture the title.

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