What is the real name of Damian Priest?

Damian Priest trained at the Monster Factory to become a wrestler. He didn't always wrestle under his WWE ring name. His real name isn't known by many, so check out the article to find out his real name.

What is the real name of Damian Priest?

Damian Priest in WWE (Image Credits- WWE)

Damian Priest is regarded as one of the most gifted WWE superstars of his generation. Priest has improved a lot since his WWE debut. For a man of his stature, he has shown decent athleticism and is effective on the mic too.

The development of Damian Priest over the years clearly states that he is a hard worker and has the ability to reinvent himself. Priest began training himself as a wrestler at the Monster Factory, where he won numerous championships.

After finishing his training at the Monster Factory, he joined the ROH training camp in 2014. After getting trained at the ROH, he made his first appearance at the promotion in 2015. Damian Priest wrestled under his real name, Luis Martinez, at the promotion.

After wrestling in a few dark matches, Priest repackaged himself as Punisher Martinez and wrestled under this ring name throughout his ROH tenure. Since then, he has never wrestled under his real name, Luis Martinez.

He was a one-time ROH television champion during his time at the promotion. Priest debuted in the WWE in 2018 on the NXT brand. During 2018, he mostly wrestled as Punishment Martinez, and in 2019, he repackaged himself as Damian Priest. During his time at the NXT Brand, he became a one-time NXT North American Champion. He made his main roster debut on RAW in 2021 and has been a one-time United States Champion.

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Damian Priest revealed the origin of his WWE ring name

Damian Priest in WWE (Image Credits- New York Post)
Damian Priest in WWE (Image Credits- New York Post)

In March 2021, during an appearance on the Metal Injection Podcast, Damian Priest spoke about the origins of his in-ring name. He stated that Triple H saw a lot of potential in him. Priest stated that he told The Game that he didn’t want to be the same guy he had been before joining WWE.

He then began telling the origins of his in-ring name, Damian Priest. The Archer of Infamy said that he gave WWE creative a lot of names. Damian Priest said that his mom wanted him to be named Damian, but his dad opposed it, saying that it was the name of the son of the devil. He suggested the name “Damian” to Triple H, and he liked it.

The Archer of Infamy stated that his last name “Priest” came from the idea that his first theme song was by Judas Priest and that Triple H suggested Priest. He explained that it made sense because Damian and the Priest were polar opposites. The Archer of Infamy stated that the name also sounds like a rockstar name.

“When I was talking to Hunter about my direction, he was like, we can keep you as is, who are you, and what you’ve done, but I see more in you……Let’s do this on TV. Just be you. Damian goes back to when I was born. My mom wanted to name me Damian, and my dad was like, we’re not naming him after the son of the devil……Hunter suggested Priest. It made sense. Both names are for me, and they are also opposites. It’s a rockstar name.”

Damian Priest was born to Puerto Rican parents. Priest’s father is a martial artist, and he learned martial arts from him. Although Damian Priest was born in New York, he spent his childhood in Puerto Rico. He returned to the US to embark on a career in pro wrestling. His wrestling idol is Razor Ramon, and he is a big fan of rock and heavy metal music. He is very private when it comes to his personal life. Not much is known about his relationship status, including whom he has dated and whether he is currently single or not.

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