How is Roman Reigns related to former WWE Superstar Naomi?

With the vast branches of the Anoa'i family, Naomi's relationship with Roman Reigns has often been a matter of curiosity.

How is Roman Reigns related to former WWE Superstar Naomi?

Roman Reigns and Naomi (via WWE)

The Bloodline has been an integral part of the professional wrestling world. The Samoan stars have continued their wrestling legacy in WWE, with each generation offering superstars like Roman Reigns. The family bond that they share on television might be distinct from what it is in real life. One such relation is between Roman Reigns and former WWE star Naomi.

Reigns and The Usos might portray cousins on television due to their similar ages. But in real life, Roman is their uncle, and Rikishi is his first cousin. The older brother, Jimmy Uso, developed a bond with former WWE star Naomi, a.k.a. Trinity Fatu, and tied the knot in 2014. This makes Trinity related to the Anoa’i family. Naomi is an in-law of Roman Reigns.


Roman and Naomi have never shared the same ring or a segment. But Jimmy and she have competed together and shown their affection even on screen. In a mixed tag team tournament, the couple teamed up to take on several teams in 2018. She was even rumored to join The Bloodline until she left WWE.

Naomi has been a part of WWE since 2009, when her rookie year saw her crowned the FCW Divas Champion. After a few years in FCW, she made her debut on Raw and competed with the likes of The Bella Twins, Paige and several other female stars. She also captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship. During her last run in WWE, she was the Women’s Tag Team Champion with Sasha Banks.

Roman Reigns’ relation with Tamina

The Anoa’i family has provided numerous superstars to the wrestling industry. One of those names is Tamina, who has been a part of WWE’s roster for more than a decade. Her relationship with Samoans occurs on her maternal side, as Sharon Georgia was married to Jimmy Snuka.

Roman Reigns, Tamina and The Usos
Roman Reigns, Tamina and The Usos (via WrestleTalk)

Sharon is the sister of the Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika) and sees herself as the second generational star. This makes Tamina a third-generation Samoan talent and gets aside Roman Reigns in the family tree. The Tribal Chief is Sika Anoa’i’s son, which makes Tamina his cousin.

Roman and Tamina have never shared a ring, but she is on good terms with The Usos. She has often been noticed around the twins, helping them out backstage or even during social gatherings. Their bond can be brought back as Tamina, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso made their debut together on Raw in May 2010 as heels.

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