John Cena height: How tall is The Cenation Leader?

After having captured the World Title sixteen times, there remains very little for the Greatest of All Time to prove in WWE.

John Cena height: How tall is The Cenation Leader?

John Cena (via WWE)

The Greatest of All Time moniker has often been attached to several superstars. Rarely the fans have seen any consensus than the name John Cena. Hailing from West Newbury, Massachusetts, the 46-year-old superstar has arguably carried the Stamford-based company for more than a decade.

The Leader of Cenation also boasts an impressive physique. For those who don’t know, he is 185 cm tall, which translates to 6′ 1″ feet. While that remains an average height for a professional wrestler, the Champ displays supernatural prowess as a powerhouse wrestler. Throughout his career, he has lifted giants like the Big Show and Mark Henry.


While Cena has an amazing collection of championships under his belt, nowhere has he restricted his efforts in uplifting younger talent. His latest one against Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel 2023 has garnered him applause for making the Enforcer of the Bloodline look stronger than ever.

Without a doubt, Cena remains one of the leading figures in the world of professional wrestling. His stature has magnified tremendously in the last few years as he made Hollywood his second home. Nevertheless, the 16-time World Champion always has enough time to visit the place that made him.

Comparison of height between John Cena and other superstars

The seats in the arenas fill rapidly once the name John Cena gets announced. The 16-time World Champion has such an amazing physique that he always manages to stand out even after having an average height of 1.85 m.


Whenever one looks at the illustrious career of John Cena, foes like Randy Orton and Edge cannot be left out. Both the Viper and the Rated R Superstar boast a tall stature of 1.96 m, which is 6′ 5″ feet. While there seems quite a gap between the height of Cena and his iconic foes, he has often dominated the scene against the likes of Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles.

John Cena with fans
John Cena with Fans (via WWE)

Nevertheless, the 46-year-old superstar evened the odds when he displayed his surprising feats of strength. Since his debut in 2002, he has won the hearts of audiences spread across all age groups. His catchphrase, “You Can’t See Me,” remains widely popular since the day it was born.


What is the real name of John Cena?

John Cena’s real name is John Felix Anthony Cena.

When did John Cena make his WWE Debut?

John Cena was introduced to WWE in 2002.

When was John Cena born?

John Cena was born on 23rd April, 1977.


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