How many championships has Asuka won in WWE? What are her accomplishments in WWE?

Asuka has won the Women' Championship four times and is one of the grand slam champion in WWE.

How many championships has Asuka won in WWE? What are her accomplishments in WWE?


The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka has made it to the top of the women’s division with her unique wrestling style and talent. Many consider her as a pillar to the women’s pro-wrestling industry and this drives the passion in them to witness the exciting and interesting matches of the Japanese star.


Asuka made her WWE debut in 2015. Her NXT career was a foundation to her glorious future in the pro-wrestling industry. The Empress of Tomorrow, in NXT, made wonders with an undefeated streak and many admired her for her intriguing skills and character.

She moved to the main roster in 2017, where she even became the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble winner. She soon went on to be one of the most entertaining and competitive superstars in WWE. In 2019, she became the Women’s Tag Team Champions with her friend Kairi Sane which took her career to a very next level.

In 2020, she was able to win the Money in the Bank contract which was a great accomplishment as well. Seeing her amazing performance and victory, Becky Lynch relinquished her Raw Women’s Championship to her because she was pregnant. Since then, Asuka has become the third Women’s Triple Crown Champion and the second Women’s Grand Slam Champion.  


List of Asuka Championship wins and Accomplishments

Asuka (Image via WWE)

During her exciting career, Asuka has won the NXT Women’s Championship once before being drafted to the main roster. With multiple victories as the Women’s Champion, Asuka rose to prominence and became a top star in WWE. Apart from the singles titles, Asuka has also clinched the tag team titles multiple times in her career.

  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship (2-times)
  • WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship (1-time)
  • WWE NXT Women’s Championship (1-time)
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (4-times) – with Kairi Sane (2), Charlotte Flair (1), and Alexa Bliss (1)
  • Royal Rumble winner (2018)
  • Money in the Bank winner (2020)
  • Grand Slam Champion
  • Triple Crown Champion
  • Mixed Match Challenge (Season 1) with The Miz
  • WWE Year End Awards (1-time)
    • Tag Team of the Year (2019)
  • NXT Year End Awards (3-times)
    • Female Competitor of the Year (2016, 2017)
    • Overall Competitor of the Year (2017)

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