3 major mistakes WWE made at Crown Jewel 2023

Crown Jewel 2023 was a major success, but these 3 booking decisions by WWE were a major letdown on the show.

3 major mistakes WWE made at Crown Jewel 2023

Triple H and Crown Jewel 2023 (via Wikipedia and WWE)

Crown Jewel 2023 is in the history books of WWE. The show happened as part of WWE’s second annual visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Crown Jewel was built up great and featured a stacked match card with major storylines. WWE even delivered well, with the event having surprises for the fans.

Riyadh Season became a major reason for the show’s popularity and WrestleMania-ish hype. The idea of having Seth Rollins open the show was a draw, as the hot crowd sang along to this theme and brought energy to the entire show. While the dramatic aftermath of the opener was accurately entertaining,


The show lived up to its hype and paved the way for storylines until Survivor Series 2023. But there were some disappointing decisions from WWE. A non-entertaining segment, a boring main event, and a disheartening loss suppressed Crown Jewel.

3. Segment with Saudi Arabia star Ibrahim Al Hajjaj missed the mark

The surprise appearance of Saudi actor Ibrahim Al Hajjaj was a boon for the viewers in Saudi Arabia. His gradual alignment with The Miz and his burial of heel star Grayson Waller was a locally remarkable segment. But the placement and inclusion of the segment were a bit odd, having a stacked match card.

Grayson Waller, Ibrahim Al Hajjaj and The Miz at Crown Jewel 2023
Grayson Waller, Ibrahim Al Hajjaj and The Miz at Crown Jewel 2023 (via WWE)

The segment felt disconnected for the worldwide audience, as they had no clue about the actor. Hajjaj’s constant mention of ‘Habibi’ was the only memorable part, while the rest of the discussion was non-entertaining. Crown Jewel 2023 took a downhill turn at this moment and affected the rest of the show.


2. Monotonous main event win for Roman Reigns

The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns has been the talk of the wrestling world for a while. His humongous reign with the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship has made him untouchable. But the only factor that irritates the fans is his excessive heel tactics, which make him retain the title with outside interference.

LA Knight, Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns
LA Knight, Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns (via WWE)

It will not be shocking to say The Bloodline is responsible for Roman’s reign. But this monotony could have been broken against LA Knight at Crown Jewel. The interruption by Jimmy Uso was a huge mistake that made The Tribal Chief look dependable. For Roman to go even higher, WWE should have planned the victory over the most loved babyface by presenting his absolute dominance as the ultimate heel.

1. John Cena’s unwanted loss against Solo Sikoa

Unlike other John Cena matches, he was not opting for a title at Crown Jewel. But he was in there to end his losing streak and defend his 20 years of honor in WWE against Solo Sikoa. It was expected for Cena to finally win the match, but WWE disappointed the entirety of the WWE Universe with this bold move.

Solo Sikoa's Samoan Spike on John Cena
Solo Sikoa’s Samoan Spike on John Cena (via WWE)

The fact that Cena lost by putting over Solo as an overpowering Enforcer was equally disheartening. The story revolved around him avoiding Samoan spikes, which he could not withstand, and presented him as a weak legend. Cena took multiple Spikes to suffer his loss in the short-lived run, which was a mistake and left a sour taste in the mouths of fans.

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