“We add more”- Adam Cole reveals that WWE wanted to add more members in their stable “The Undisputed Era”

“We add more”- Adam Cole reveals that WWE wanted  to add more members in their stable “The Undisputed Era”

Adam Cole as the then NXT Champion

Adam Cole is one of the talented and rising stars in the wrestling industry. Cole is best known for his time in WWE. The WWE Universe has been praised for his incredible body transformation from time to time and has impressed the WWE Universe with his in-ring ability and promos on the NXT Brand. Cole has said that he trains for longevity and is eager to learn new ways to train and get an edge over his opponent.

Adam Cole was signed to WWE in 2017 and before that he wrestled for independent promotions like Chikara, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW),Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). He also performed in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he was part of the Bullet Club. Cole is a former CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion and also a former PWG World Champion, Adam holds the record for longest reigns of both these Championships. Adam is also known for his tenure in Ring of Honor(ROH) and is the first ever three time ROH World Champion.


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Adam Cole formed the Undisputed Era in 2017

Adam Cole with his group "The Undisputed Era" in WWE NXT
Adam Cole with his group “The Undisputed Era” in WWE NXT

Cole made his NXT debut on August 19 2017 on NXT Brand along with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. He appeared at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III and  attacked the  newly crowned NXT Champion Drew McIntyre, thereby cementing himself as a heel in the process. The three men then went on to call their stable as “The Undisputed Era”. Rodericlk Strong added himself in 2018 during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Trophy.

On The Kurt Angle Show, Cole mentioned that WWE had formerly intended to add one or two more wrestlers to their group “The Undisputed Era”.


According to Cole, he, Bobby, and Kyle O’Reilly were intended to be “The Undisputed Era”. He said that the idea to include Roderick Strong in the group originated from WWE, who had informed them that they would be adding more members. At first, he claimed that the group wanted to consist of the three of them; but, as Roderick was a close friend of all three of them, they decided to include him.

“So originally, The Undisputed Era was just supposed to be me, Bobby, and Kyle O’Reilly, that was it, supposed to be the three of us. And they were like, nope, it’s not going to be like a group that expands and we add more and more and more. And I remember, they came to us with the idea of adding Roderick Strong.The three of us were kind off to ourselves, and we were sitting there and we’re like I know we said we don’t want anyone else in the group, but Roderick Strong would be perfect because we’re all buddies with him”

Adam Cole with his group "The Undisputed Era"
Adam Cole with his group “The Undisputed Era” in WWE NXT

Adam Cole went on to explain that they were supposed to listen to anything WWE said, but when they were asked for their opinion, they said no, and that they wanted the undisputed period to be a four-man group till the end. He continued by explaining that there was a time when there was talk of adding additional members, and all four of them were opposed to the concept.


“Yes, sir. Yeah, whatever you want. But when they were asking us our opinion, it was no, I feel like just this, this four-man group is the way to go. So yeah, there was discussions about maybe adding different members to The Undisputed ERA at one point that all of us weren’t crazy about, and it ended up not happening.”

Adam Cole has been the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time, Cole’s WWE contract expired in June 2021 and since then he has been signed to the promotion AEW.

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