“Brock gets to do anything he wants,” Former WWE Champion reveals Brock Lesnar bossing around at WrestleMania 35 made Randy Orton really mad

The Beast gets to do what he wants, when he wants.

“Brock gets to do anything he wants,” Former WWE Champion reveals Brock Lesnar bossing around at WrestleMania 35 made Randy Orton really mad

Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar [via- WWE]

There’s no denying Brock Lesnar‘s notorious backstage influence over the years in WWE. One such incident had a domino effect on a subsequent bout at WrestleMania 35. At the namesake event, former WWE Champion AJ Styles locked horns with Randy Orton. The latter didn’t win, and he was allegedly “pi**ed.” However, it had nothing to do with the result. A good measure of Orton’s exasperation stemmed from Lesnar pulling the strings.


Speaking on UpUpDownDown, The Phenomenal One divulged that by the time his match commenced, the lights had come on as dusk set in. They were enough of a distraction for the fans in attendance and even resulted in abysmal reactions throughout. AJ Styles, as he revealed in the aforementioned livestream, was incensed. But his then-opponent, Randy Orton, was a step ahead.

But all of that would’ve never happened if Brock Lesnar hadn’t pushed to open the show with Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at stake. Owning to Brock’s urgency, the ‘Mania opener, supposedly Styles vs. Orton, was pushed back. And that did not bode well. Heading into The Show of Shows back then, the former OC leader’s beef with The Viper was one of the most heated angles.

We were supposed to go two or one, and then, of course, Brock [Brock Lesnar] gets to do anything he wants, so he switched it. By the time we went out there, the lights had come on and blinded half the stadium. I was pissed. You know who was even more pissed than me? Randy [Randy Orton].
AJ Styles on his WrestleMania 35 match with Randy Orton

It needed a typical in-ring tutorial of a match at WrestleMania. Looking back, both men went back-and-forth at each other but the crowd was too piqued by the dazzling reflections on their eyesight. What fans initially believed could’ve been the show-stealer, ended up being an optical persecution for those at MetLife stadium.


WWE has seemingly cut ties with Brock Lesnar

Fans, in general, are upset over Brock Lesnar. And that’s something WWE would’ve also been expecting once his alleged involvement in the Janel Grant-filed lawsuit was unearthed. It forced the Stamford-based promotion to rework their creative plans for the Royal Rumble as The Beast Incarnate was originally penciled in for a comeback at the PLE in January.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar (via WWE)

The accusations against the former UFC ace were so grotesque that WWE eventually decided against bringing him back for WrestleMania XL. Following that, the 46-year-old’s presence in recently-launched 2K24 video game was heavily ebbed by the developers.

Around three weeks ago, there was fuss about WWE potentially making strides to bring the 10-time World Champion back to the company. However, the claim was debunked shortly after. The farthest that’s known to the public domain is that The Alpha Male of Our Species is not expected to plot a WWE comeback anytime soon, if not ever.

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