Paul Heyman believes Roman Reigns was already a legend even before they were paired together

Paul Heyman has been serving as the Special Counsel for Roman Reigns for over 3 years now.

Paul Heyman believes Roman Reigns was already a legend even before they were paired together

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns (via WWE)

In the world of professional wrestling, the moniker “legend” is associated with someone who has legitimately dedicated much of their career. Moreover, a certain time duration explains whether the entity holds credibility to carry that moniker. The same can be said about Roman Reigns, who has achieved so much at such an early stage of his career.


Recently, Paul Heyman claimed that Reigns became a legend long before he became his special counsel. While speaking with WrestleRant, The Wiseman mentioned how The Big Dog main-evented four consecutive WrestleMania’s from 31 to 34. Moreover, the soon-to-be HOF’er stated that before donning The Tribal Chief gimmick, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion etched his name with golden words into the world of WWE.

Midway through the last decade, I think Roman Reigns was worthy of being called the legend when he had already main evented three or four consecutive WrestleManias. This was while he was still the Big Dog Roman Reigns and we had not entered the era of the Tribal Chief, The Head Of The Table.
Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns

The pairing of Heyman and Roman Reigns has been proven to be the best partnership of the former with anyone. When the 58-year-old manager managed CM Punk, the Best in the World held the WWE title for 434 days. Further, when Heyman was an advocate for Brock Lesnar, The Beast held the Universal Title for 503 days. And most impressive of them all, the Head of the Table has had his Universal title around his waist for over 1306 days under the guidance of Paul E.

Heyman has a huge week ahead of him, as he will finally get the recognition that was long overdue. The former advocate will headline this year’s class of Hall of Fame. Moreover, the founder of ECW will flank The Tribal Chief and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as they prepare to battle against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.


WWE airing WWE Legends Biography specially dedicated to Roman Reigns

The career that Roman Reigns is having is a dream for many. Over the course of four years, Reigns has become what WWE has always wanted to project him as. He has truly become the face of WWE and a monster heel, having Paul Heyman as his special counsel. One might think that he has gotten old with the young legend sporting a gray-spotted beard off late.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns (via WWE)

WWE will be airing a special episode of “WWE Legends” on AETV that will revolve around the successful character work of the Head of the Table. The documentary is produced and directed by none other than The Tribal Chief’s Wiseman. Multiple wrestlers, including Reigns’ iconic rivals Seth Rollins and John Cena, will have their say on the real-life Joe.

Whether the Undisputed Champion wins or loses any of his matches at ‘Mania 40, he will attain a very special feather in his cap. After WrestleMania XL, Roman will be the standalone superstar to have main-evented the highest number of WrestleMania’s. Moreover, if he retains his championship, he might go on to break Hulk Hogan‘s record and become the second-longest reigning world champion in history.

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