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“If someone trolls he would be BLOCKED” Former Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss forewarns her followers on Twitter on trolling

Former WWE Women's Champion and grand slam champion Alexa Bliss is warning her fans to not troll her husband's new song and support it.

Alexa Bliss is currently in no feud and does not appear on Raw regularly

WWE has one of the most talented female roasters and Alexa Bliss is one of the most prominent superstars in the division. Alexa has been confused with her character recently and even does not have one proper character. She turned on the Fiend on Wrestlemania 2021 and had a dark persona character which was not so good looking on her she went on a hiatus which then resultant her coming back as the Goddess character but she still carries her doll, Lily.


Lily is the doll she used to carry when she was in her dark personal phase. Alexa is a grand slam champion as she has won both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championship as well as the Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside her partner at that time Nikki Cross(now known as Nikki ASH). Alexa hiatus was for her marriage as the superstar just married singer Ryan Cabera.

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Alexa Bliss’s tweets got support from his fans and followers

Alexa Bliss married Ryan Cabera got married in April of 2022

Ryan Cabera is going to release his first single album after 8 whole years. When Alexa tweeted about the song on Twitter she not only tweeted about the song but also warns her fans that no one is going to troll this song otherwise they will be getting blocked because of it she warns every single fan.

Alexa Bliss’s tweet got everyone’s support as every fan said that she is right and everyone is not going to troll the song and will appreciate however the song is going to be there are still some fans who are making fun of Bliss but her fans are fighting for her. Alexa Bliss also thanked every fan who is showing her support on Twitter as this song means a lot to her as she is also going to be a part of it. The song is about her wedding.

WWE superstar says, “I’ve fully accepted the fact that if I’m going to do a career like this, I have to be willing to take criticism, because it’s a part of the job, you know? Any Instagram thing I post, someone’s going to say something, I know that. Anything on Twitter, someone’s going to judge whatever I do, whatever I say, whatever I look like, I understand that”

Alexa Bliss has been very excited about Ryan launching the song as she awaits the song more than anything Bliss also said, “I’ve been very aware with the fact that being in the public eye, being on TV, being cast on Total Divas, I’m setting me out there for criticism, but I have to know in my heart, what I know is right.”

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