“Massive credit he deserves,” MMA journalist Ariel Helwani reveals the person behind making CM Punk and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s return to WWE possible

Ariel Helwani puts some respect on Nick Khan for being the absolute authority for WWE's recent success.

“Massive credit he deserves,” MMA journalist Ariel Helwani reveals the person behind making CM Punk and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s return to WWE possible

CM Punk, Ariel Helwani and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (via WWE and image/X)

The success of WWE in 2023 has been vividly acknowledged by their fans. Knowing the faces behind the scenes, the WWE Universe has highly considered Triple H to be the driving force behind this boom. His creative decisions and delivering as per fans’ needs have made HHH shine in their eyes. However, MMA journalist Ariel Helwani supports the idea of WWE CEO Nick Khan being equally responsible for their business growth.


Helwani took on X to recall the times when people did not like the idea of Nick being in the CEO position. Let it be the fans or wrestling ‘pundits’, they thought of Khan as the sort of bad guy coming from multiple releases in 2021. But Ariel sees this incident as part of his being misguided in his early reign.

Fast forward to 2024, when WWE has seen the likes of Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, and The Rock return to WWE, shows his growth. Not ignoring the fact that these crucial decisions have brought the Stamford-based promotion to this stage of greatness. Thus, he wishes Khan would receive the credit he deserves.

Hopefully he (Nick Khan) starts to get the massive credit he deserves. And yes, I’m biased. Heck, call me very biased. But credit where it’s due. This is a tremendous run and it’s in large part due to Nick being on board, if you ask me.
Ariel Helwani about Nick Khan on X

In between brackets, he also added ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin‘s match at WrestleMania 38, signing Pat McAfee, and the format of Saturday PLEs. All of which has worked out gracefully for WWE. Towards the end, he calls himself biased but is not afraid of that label when the credits are meant for Nick. He concluded, saying this is all part of the tremendous WWE run that has been implemented due to Khan being on the board.


Ariel Helwani shows his excitement and hopes for The Rock vs. Roman Reigns

The beginning of the year 2024 has been massive for WWE with their action-packed Monday Night Raw. Raw Day 1 acted as a butterfly effect and paved the way for many storylines to unfold in the future. One of those was The Rock challenging Roman Reigns for a match to determine The Head of the Table.

Ariel Helwani and Roman Reigns vs. The Rock
Ariel Helwani and Roman Reigns vs. The Rock (via USA Today and X/EliteClubS0B)

Ariel Helwani, who is as determined as an MMA journalist, is equally passionate about WWE. He took on X to quickly post about the moment when Rock teased his match with Reigns. Helwani took that clip and mentioned it to be tremendous, adding Rock x Roman to be happening at WrestleMania 40.

This is tremendous. Rock x Roman. Wrestlemania 40. (I hope. Finally.)
Ariel Helwani about The Rock challenging Roman Reigns

To keep the fans in the ballpark, Ariel added, ‘I hope. Finally.’ in the brackets, thus not confirming the bout. But his first thought took the battle of the Samoans to The Shows of Shows, happening at the greatest stakes. It will be exciting to see how Rocky’s implicit challenge unfolds on Roman’s side.

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