WATCH: Bayley requests The Rock to deliver a ‘Rock Bottom’ on 55-year-old veteran at WWE World

Bayley still hasn't shaken off her habit of making Michael Cole's life a living hell.

WATCH: Bayley requests The Rock to deliver a ‘Rock Bottom’ on 55-year-old veteran at WWE World

Bayley and The Rock (via Ringside News and The Ringer)

The rivalry between Michael Cole and Bayley has been well documented, and it looks like the beef between them is far from over. In the latest chapter of their “rivalry,” The Role Model had to take help from The Rock himself to trouble the veteran more. She recorded her hilarious request to The Final Boss and shared it on X.


In the clip, Bayley is screaming at The Rock, requesting that he hit the 55-year-old with his finisher move, the ‘Rock-Bottom’ at WWE World. Rocky was late to the event, and when he finally arrived after two hours, he mocked and trolled the Philadelphia crowd in his heel persona. Michael Cole hosted the event and conducted the Q&A session with The Great One. 

However, this was not the first time that The Role Model has tried to irritate Cole through her actions. She would often mock Cole for his commentary style and was even happy when he was removed from his position on SmackDown. Things got ‘heated’ when the veteran challenged her to a match at WrestleMania

Rocky can you hit Cole with a Rock-Bottom please? Hit Michael Cole with a Rock-Bottom.
Bayley on X

The 34-year-old star shared another video in which she was scolding him to do his job properly, which Cole hilariously ignored. Unfortunately for her, Rocky did not give him Rock Bottom, and she had to leave disappointed. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what Bayley does next in her never-ending rivalry with the veteran.


Natalya gave Bayley a new nickname ahead of WrestleMania 40

It looks like Bayley is getting much-needed support and confidence from her close friends. WWE veteran Natalya gave her a new nickname ahead of their trip to WWE World. She called her ‘Miss WrestleMania’ and told her that would be her name going forward. 

Natalya and Bayley
Natalya and Bayley (via Wrestling Observer)

The Role Model shared a video clip on her Instagram story with Nattie. In the clip, she described the 34-year-old star as ‘Miss WrestleMania’, as she prepares to battle Iyo Sky at the Show of Shows. Bayley earned the right by winning the 2024 Royal Rumble match by eliminating Liv Morgan and Jade Cargill.

I'm with Miss WrestleMania herself. [Bayley] That's my new nickname.
Bayley via Instagram
Bayley and Natalya
Bayley and Natalya (via @itsmebayley/ Instagram)

At first, all signs pointed toward her choosing Rhea Ripley as her opponent. However, she learned about Damage CTRL’s shenanigans and challenged Sky instead. After a brutal betrayal and months of sneak attacks, they will fight each other at the Showcase of the Immortals. It will be interesting to see whether Bayley manages to dethrone her former best friend or if Sky continues her dominant title reign.

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