Becky Lynch embarrasses Trish Stratus on WWE Raw by throwing a callback to her controversial Attitude Era segment

Becky Lynch took her rivalry with Trish Stratus to the next level on WWE Raw last night. She connected the dots by recalling a demeaning memory of Stratus' early career.

Becky Lynch embarrasses Trish Stratus on WWE Raw by throwing a callback to her controversial Attitude Era segment

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus are about to close their chapter (via- WWE and NY Post)

The Man Becky Lynch knows where it hurts the most. Giving a little preview of her iconic one-liners, Lynch badly mocked Trish Stratus on Raw last night. During their contract signing for WWE Night of Champions, former Big Time Becks cut a killer promo. It seems like she’s done playing cat and mouse with her upcoming opponent.


Before coming to what Lynch actually uttered, let’s take a trip down the memory lane. For the unversed, Trish Stratus had an iconic but controversial on-screen segment with Vince McMahon years ago. When the Attitude Era was in full-swing, highly obnoxious stuff was a common part of WWE programming.

During an episode of Raw is War, McMahon asked Stratus to bend and bark like a dog on national television. That moment was as embarrassing as something can get. Those who watched that unfold can completely relate to this. Now, last night on Raw, Becky decided to freshen up that wound over Trish Stratus.


The former Irish Lass Kicker said, “If you think barking like a dog is embarrassing, just wait till I whoop your a** at Night of Champions.” The grin on Stratus’ face was palpable after hearing that line from Lynch. For what its worth, WWE has done a commendable job at building this dream rivalry. It’s going to be an epic affair come May 27 in Saudi Arabia.

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Why having Becky Lynch vs. Trish Stratus is special in 2023?

Becky Lynch attacking Trish Stratus
Becky Lynch throwing a punch at Trish Stratus on WWE Raw (via – WWE)

Pro-Wrestling is best when seemingly impossible scenarios come to life. A few months ago, who’d have thought that fans will get to witness a singles match between Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus in 2023? The answer is quite simple, no one. At WrestleMania this year, The Man aligned herself with Lita & Stratus to overcome the trio of Damage CTRL.

Following Mania, the hidden animosity of Canada’s Greatest Export towards The Man became public. She had a master plan to strip Lynch off those Women’s Tag Team titles. The WWE HOF’er vividly attacked her former best friend Lita backstage to take her out of the equation. Then taking her place citing a fake tribute, Trish manipulated her way as Lita’s replacement for Becky Lynch.


On April 10 edition of Raw, Stratus & Lynch lost those titles against Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez. However, after the match, the 47-year-old turned on Seth Rollins’ wife. Following weeks of heated progression, it has come down to both mothers for settling their differences inside that squared circle.

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