“Football was my first love,” Big E revels how he became USFL’s Michigan Panthers’ official emcee

New Day member Big E is currently out of action due to an injury, but the former champion will be seen as the emcee for the USFL's Michigan Panthers.

“Football was my first love,” Big E revels how he became USFL’s Michigan Panthers’ official emcee

Big E (via WWE)

Former WWE champion Big E has been off live TV for a while now. Having suffered a horrendous neck injury in 2022, it is unclear if he will be able to compete again. Since then, there hasn’t been much talk about Big E, and as of now, Xavier Woods is the only member of the New Day that isn’t injured.


That being said, Big E will be appearing at the USFL’s Michigan Panthers game as their official emcee. In a recent news interview, the former champion spoke about how this was more of a homecoming for him.

Big E said, “Football was my first love,.. I can’t tell you how much I love wrestling, my time in WWE,..first thing I loved as a kid was football, so that is something near and dear to me.” 

He also added that, in many ways, he felt like the ambassador of the company at the USFL. Big E felt honored to be part of creating good relations with Fox Sports, which owns the USFL. To make this partnership better, the Panthers will play all their games at Ford Field, the venue for SummerSlam 2023.


“I’ve been out with this neck injury but I still feel great,”…. felt like this was the perfect opportunity …. promote Fox’s USFL and the Michigan Panthers, in particular, and, of course, WWE SummerSlam.”

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Will Big E return?

Big E

Back in March last year, Big E suffered a broken neck that scared everyone. The news that the injury didn’t require surgery has fans hoping for a return. Fortunately, Big E has completely recovered from the fracture, but there is still no word on whether he will return to compete.

Stone Cold Steve Austin suffered a broken neck from a botched piledriver. He did return from it, but that took years out of his life. That being said, rumor has it that the company has plans for a feud when he returns.


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