Bobby Lashley drops MASSIVE HINT on his new WWE Reality Show

Bobby Lashley, a former World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE, offers his thoughts on the new reality program that the company recently offered him.

Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley (Image Credit: WWE)

Bobby Lashley is a dominant wrestler who has achieved his full potential in his second stint in the WWE. Lashley is currently competing with Seth Rollins for the WWE United States Championship, as well as another challenger for the belt, Austin Theory.

Bobby Lashley has disclosed some interesting things he has been up to outside of pro wrestling. Lashley adds he has been practicing acting for some time and that he has stated the reason for this. He mentioned starting a reality program shortly.

Lashley talked on SideWalk Entertainment regarding this and said, “We’ve actually been filming a reality show, I love to flip houses … [the reality show] that deals with how I and my team put together different flips and go from place to place.”

Lashley did not reveal any additional details about the show and became the next prominent wrestler to receive his own WWE reality show. Other wrestlers with their reality shows include The Miz, Maryse, Cody Rhodes, Montez Ford, Bianca Belair, and practically all the divas from “Total Divas.”

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Bobby Lashley reveals he got roles in bigger series

Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley as Champion (Image Credit: Spotz Wiki)

Bobby Lashley recently revealed in the same interview that he got bigger roles after his first run in WWE ended. He was offered roles in Stranger Things and Mortal Combat at the time, but he just refused to become an actor.

Lashley claimed he was exercising and working on himself at the time to become a better wrestler. He is successful, and now he wants to concentrate on his acting skills so that he can have another career in Hollywood after a few years.

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Lashley wants to be a colossal figure in Hollywood after he departs from professional wrestling. He presently has a major match at WWE Survivor Series versus Rollins and Theory for the United States Championship, so we’ll just have to wait and see what he does about it.

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