Booker T reflects on the infamous walk out of Sasha Banks and Naomi

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Booker T says Sasha Banks and Naomi did wrong by walking out of the company.

Booker T
Booker T, Sasha Banks and Naomi

One of the most renowned wrestlers in history, Booker T has made a name for himself in the entire sport because of his unique move set and strong character development. He is best recognized for the work he accomplished after winning the King of the Ring competition and rising to become one of history’s greatest King.

In addition, Booker T has won the World Heavyweight Championship six times and is an expert in tag teams. He fits the bill perfectly for a WWE wrestler. Recently, Booker T responded to Sasha Banks and Naomi, who quit the firm at the end of May and haven’t come back since.

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Booker T would have never done what Sasha and Naomi did

Booker T
Sasha Banks and Naomi

In a recent podcast, Booker T discusses how Sasha Banks and Naomi made a very serious mistake by leaving the organisation. He claims that their actions were totally unjustified and that they should have calmed down and followed instructions because it was better.

He believes that this is a major reason why they both have been discussing a comeback for so long, as the WWE still believes that their actions were wholly unprofessional. He believes that if you didn’t agree after that, you should have left the building rather than just arguing and leaving before everything happened.

Booker Said, “I’ve heard other wrestlers, the veteran wrestlers that have been around that have said the same thing. They said they would have done the job and then left because it’s like tradition. I think losing that tradition factor in the business, man, that right there is where the rubber met the road as far as the situation went as far as whether we were going to work it out or not because it was a little bit different than the tradition of the way wrestling has always been dealt.”

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