“Bossing people around” Bryan Danielson confirms his role in CM Punk’s infamous firing from AEW

Bryan Danielson finally clears the air around him heading the committee that terminated CM Punk's contract.

“Bossing people around” Bryan Danielson confirms his role in CM Punk’s infamous firing from AEW

Bryan Danielson and CM Punk (via dosdossolodos)

Bryan Danielson is one of the leading superstars in AEW. Fans also know him and his association with CM Punk from their shared time in WWE. Danielson recently appeared on the Maggie and Perloff Show by CBS Sports. During the show, he responded to the question of whether he played a pivotal role in the termination of the contract of the Best in the World.

Danielson was taken aback by the question but somehow he managed to regain his composure. He responded how people on the internet often make up things like him heading the committee that chose to remove CM Punk. He also expressed his respect for the work that the Second City Saint did for AEW. To quote him:

I'm a part of the disciplinary committee and clearly what happened has happened. I like CM Punk, he brought a lot to AEW while he was there. It's really funny, some people would say I was the head of the Committee. There were more than three people involved in the decision and most of them were lawyers. I'm not there bossing people around out there.
Bryan Danielson in the Maggie and Perloff Show

He further added how it was difficult for him to be there on that committee as they decided to terminate the contract. He expressed empathy towards Punk and gave him his wishes for a successful run in WWE. CM Punk is slated to make his experience on next week’s SmackDown as a part of his homecoming.

Tony Khan drops a hint about Bryan Danielson’s last match

Bryan Danielson made a triumphant return on Saturday as he defeated Eddie Kingston in the AEW Collision’s Continental Classic match. With Bryan already declaring it as his last run, there seems to be a backstage agreement in AEW about him hanging his boots in AEW All In 2024. Tony Khan recently revealed in his interview with The Athletic, that he had forged a plan with Danielson, three years before his announced retirement. To quote him:

Bryan and I made an agreement three years to the week before AEW All In 2024. The agreement was that Bryan would wrestle (full-time) for three years.
Bryan Danielson and Tony Khan
Bryan Danielson and Tony Khan (via Stillrealtous)

It indicates how the three-year deal to wrestle full-time was something that both individuals had agreed upon. However, the American Dragon remains steadfast in his decision to hang up his boots for the better. However, Khan has assured the fans that Bryan will remain in spirit with the brand with his sporadic appearances even after hanging his boots.


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