“I was trying to please them,” Former WWE Superstar reveals having real-life heat with Bella Twins in her early days

Mandy Rose revealed she tried to impress the Bella Twins in her early days.

“I was trying to please them,” Former WWE Superstar reveals having real-life heat with Bella Twins in her early days

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella (via X)

The Bella Twins, Nikki Bella, and Brie Bella were two prominent stars during the women’s revolution. They have had legendary careers and have won multiple championships. Many other women tried to be like them and wanted to make their acquaintance, but one superstar thought the Bella Twins didn’t like her that much in her early days.

Amanda Saccomanno aka Mandy Rose made her debut in 2015. She revealed that although they now are on good terms, it wasn’t always like that. She said in her Power Alphas podcast that when she made her debut in WWE, the Bellas were a big thing and everybody wanted to impress them, including her.

I felt like because the Bellas were the big thing, and … they had the most time in there, and they had a big presence about them. Like, I felt like everyone was kind of always … trying to please the Bellas. The girls and … I was trying to please them, too, but … I don’t think they liked me too much in the beginning, I’m not gonna lie. I get along with them great now. I love them, and I have so much respect for them.
Mandy Rose on the Bella Twins via PowerAlpha podcast

Mandy further added she felt they didn’t like her that much at the beginning. But as time passed, they got along well. Mandy Rose was released from the company last year because of the content she posted on her exclusive fan page.

Mandy Rose sheds some light on the final day in WWE NXT before her WWE release

Mandy Rose wrestled her final match as NXT Women’s Champion on the December 13 episode of NXT, where she lost her title to Roxanne Perez after holding it for 413 days. The next day, she was released by WWE because of her exclusive page content.

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose (via WWE)

The former leader of Toxic Attraction recently gave an interview on Busted Open Radio and said she felt that could be her final match in WWE and had mixed feelings about it. She further added that it was a very uncomfortable situation for her, so she kept joking about it.

A lot of mixed feelings. It was a crazy day. I was kinda making jokes about it. 
Mandy Rose on her release via Busted Open Radio

Mandy said she is making a lot of money and has a lot of financial freedom right now because of her exclusive page content. She further added that, after getting released from WWE, she has some more control over her career. As of now, Mandy has no interest in joining wrestling again. It will be interesting to see whether she comes back to wrestling or not.

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