REPORT: Mandy Rose is shockingly released from WWE

REPORT: Mandy Rose is shockingly released from WWE

Mandy Rose (Image Credit: wrestling headlines)

WWE has shockingly suddenly released Mandy Rose. This maneuver was unexpected since no one had ever seen it coming before. She was a prominent NXT star just a few weeks ago, but she just lost her NXT Women’s Championship to Roxxanne Perez.


People have been trying to figure out why WWE opted to remove the championship from her shoulder, and then the news of her release hit the market. Fightful Select has confirmed that Mandy Rose has left the organization, and this is not a rumor.

Mandy Rose just opened an OnlyFans account, which has led to the current situation. Although WWE had some huge plans for her in the future, which are mentioned more below, it appears that all of those plans were abruptly shelved and this incident occurred.

The only reason for her release that is currently in front of everyone is the reason above mentioned, and it appears that this decision is going to affect things a lot in the WWE since Mandy Rose was one of the greatest in the company and played an important role as the champion of the Black and Gold brand.


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Mandy Rose asked for her release

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose (Image Credit: wrestletalk)

Xero News just broke this stunning news regarding Mandy’s release, and it appears that she wanted to leave the WWE. According to the Company’s rules and regulations, she is not permitted to upload any other form of content on social media, and her Only Fans account was incorrect owing to the same restriction.

She requested her release, which resulted in her losing the championship. It is also believed that she would start her family, which is why she requested her release from the organization. This is very stunning since nobody saw this coming, and WWE had big plans for the wrestler in the future.

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Mandy Rose was supposed to be called up to the main roster without the rest of Toxic Attraction and even perform at next year’s Royal Rumble, but it appears that everything is being shelved now that she has left the business. Let’s see where her life takes her now, and we wish her the best of luck in the future.

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