Mandy Rose reportedly making huge numbers from her Adult content page

Mandy Rose reportedly making huge numbers from her Adult content page

Mandy Rose in WWE (Image Credit: WrestleTalk)

Mandy Rose’s WWE debut was one of the most contentious in recent years. She was allegedly banned because she crossed the boundary on her OnlyFans account, where she shared many photos which crossed lines. According to admirers, she should not have been released and should instead have been suspended for a period of time.


Mandy has done nothing more than that, and the fans’ judgment is correct in certain ways. According to the speculations, she quit the firm because she was offered the choice between her material and pro wrestling. Her departure was also motivated by the fact that she was earning far more money from her work than she was from WWE.

WrestleOps recently stated that the amount of money she has made after her WWE departure has been tremendous. She has earned $500,000 since her departure from the firm, which is a significant sum for any major content provider on Only Fans.

This figure is especially significant given that she has only been out for a week. If this trend continues and she continues to develop at this rate, she will undoubtedly be a millionaire by 2023. Although the growth is deemed temporary, people have been pointing it out as a result of her receiving so much attention.


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Mandy Rose should not have been posting the content or not?

Mandy Rose
Mandy Rose (Image Credit: Fitness Gurls Magzine)

This topic has been raised by admirers for a long time, and the reason is that she has not been doing anything unlawful. People have called this a very stupid choice, claiming that she has a different life outside of the firm. She should not be dismissed because of what she wants to do.

The firing of Mandy Rose has been a contentious issue, with both supporters and detractors. People involved in the decision believe that the contract that certain wrestlers sign already includes all of this information.

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The contract plainly stipulates that women’s wrestlers are not permitted to perform any of these things in order to maintain their legacy. If they did anything like this, the auro they carry with them would be different. What are your thoughts on Mandy Rose being released by WWE? Was it correct or incorrect?

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