Dejected SmackDown GM Nick Aldis teases massive heel turn after getting RKOed by Randy Orton

Randy Orton might face repercussions after delivering a RKO to Nick Aldis.

Dejected SmackDown GM Nick Aldis teases massive heel turn after getting RKOed by Randy Orton

Nick Aldis and Randy Orton (via WWE)

This week’s SmackDown saw some pivotal moments moving forward. It featured the return of Randy Orton to the Blue Brand. After SmackDown GM, Nick Aldis asked the Viper to sign a contract for SmackDown. However, the Apex Predator delivered a devastating RKO to Aldis after signing the contract. The SmackDown GM has finally responded to the RKO and teased a possible heel turn.

Nick Aldis posted a picture of moments before the Viper executed an RKO on him. The highlight of the post was the caption written by Aldis. He subliminally tried to threaten Randy Orton. He pointed out that there are consequences to the action. Moreover, Nick has implicitly teased that he remembers the closing moments of SmackDown this week, and everything was fine until the Viper RKOed him.

It was all going so well...
Nick Aldis on Randy Orton

This might be a subtle tease about the possible heel turn of Nick Aldis. After the incident on SmackDown, many fans speculated that Randy Orton would not get away unscathed after his actions. The Legend Killer also delivered a bold message to Roman Reigns on SmackDown. Besides, Aldis’ turn on him might lead to a disadvantage heading into the future.

It is turning out to be engrossing to see the future of the Viper on the Blue Brand. He also has some unfinished business with the Bloodline. Moreover, the Apex Predator made it clear that he wanted to take revenge against the Roman Reigns’ faction. It will be interesting to see the dynamics between Reigns and Orton when they go face-to-face with each other in the coming weeks.

John Cena reacts to Randy Orton’s comeback

Randy Orton is one of the best professional wrestlers in the industry. He is highly respected in WWE, and many veterans consider him one of the greatest of all time. Recently, 16-time World Champion John Cena reacted to the homecoming of Randy Orton.

Randy Orton
Randy Orton (via X)

John Cena posted a picture of Randy Orton after his return to the Survivor Series. The picture is taken backstage, where the Viper looks jacked. Randy and John have been good friends ever since their debut. Their careers were intertwined from the very start, and they have shared some of the great memories of the ring.

The two incredible stars have faced each other several times in WWE, and have been fierce rivals. However, backstage, they share an amazing bond. John Cena last competed in WWE at Crown Jewel and has moved on to Hollywood ever since.

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