WATCH: After receiving the Inspiration Award, Dwayne Johnson gets an emotional gift featuring his ‘all three father figures’ by a wrestling fan

Dwayne Johnson was profoundly moved by a heartwarming present from a fan that featured all of his father figures.

WATCH: After receiving the Inspiration Award, Dwayne Johnson gets an emotional gift featuring his ‘all three father figures’ by a wrestling fan

Dwayne The Rock Johnson (via Instagram)

Hollywood megastar Dwayne The Rock Johnson is arguably the most influential star on a global scale. The wrestler-turned-actor has often accredited three people behind his triumphant success in life. The people in question are his grandfather Peter Maivia, his father Rocky Johnson, and his mentor Pat Patterson.

At the Grio Awards 2023, the Brahma Bull received the Inspiration Award. It is an annual award conferred on individuals, primarily African Americans, in recognition of their groundbreaking success and impact in their respective fields. The 51-year-old dedicated his award to his late father. Later, he shared a video of himself meeting a fan, who gifted him vintage wrestling posters featuring his father figures.


Taking to his Instagram, The People’s Champ gave a shoutout to a fan called Fabian, who surprised him with the wrestling posters. The 51-year-old went on to narrate how he encountered the fan while getting in his pickup vehicle in the parking lot. Interestingly, Fabian was one of the working staff at the Grio Awards.

All three father figure influences in my life who have all now passed away... It was all meant to be.
Dwayne Johnson on Instagram

The fan disclosed that he got these vintage wrestling posters from an old lady, whose late husband was a wrestling poster collector. Touched by the thoughtful gesture, an emotional Rock extended his gratitude to the fan. Moreover, the Brahma Bull remarked that receiving the posters on the same day as his award night was a predestined phenomenon.

Dwayne Johnson dedicates his “Inspiration Award” to his late father Rocky Johnson

The Grio Awards are a yearly award bestowed on people of color from various walks of life to celebrate their trailblazing work. Wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson was honored with the Inspiration Award. He is indisputably one of the most inspirational figures in the world. While receiving the award, the Brahma Bull jubilantly dedicated the award to his father.

Dwayne Johnson and Rocky Johnson
Dwayne Johnson and Rocky Johnson (via The Grio and WWE)

While accepting the award, the Rock declared that he was dedicating it to the Soul Man, Rocky Johnson. He also added that his father was his greatest inspiration in life. Furthermore, the 51-year-old made a poignant confession that he didn’t get to say goodbye to his dad when he passed away three years ago.

I'm going to dedicate this award to my dad, the Soul Man, Rocky Johnson. This Inspiration Award... he was one of my inspirations. 
Dwayne Johnson’s acceptance speech at the Grio Awards

The Brahma Bull reflected on the decorated career of his late father. While honoring his father’s achievements, he noted that Rocky Johnson was the first-ever black champion in WWE. Moreover, he remarked that it was his father who paved the way for black wrestlers back in the day. Shockingly, Johnson once made a shocking revelation that his father was against his wrestling aspirations.

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