WATCH: CM Punk’s last appearance on SmackDown before his highly anticipated return to the blue brand next week after almost 10 years

Fans remember CM Punk's last appearence on SmackDown.

WATCH: CM Punk’s last appearance on SmackDown before his highly anticipated return to the blue brand next week after almost 10 years

CM Punk (via X)

CM Punk made his long-awaited return to the Survivor Series after nine long years. Fans were so excited to see him in WWE, which was looking like a near-impossible task. But he came back and delivered a heartfelt promo on Raw last week. Now he will feature on next week’s episode of SmackDown.


This will be Punk’s first appearance on the Blue Brand after nine years. Excited fans shared a clip on social media of his actual last appearance on SmackDown before he left. On the January 24, 2014 episode of SmackDown, The Best in the World came out and joined the brawl among the superstars just before the Royal Rumble.

CM Punk’s last ever appearance in WWE was at the 2014 Royal Rumble; after that, he was suspended for two months and finally fired on his wedding day. The relationship between him, Vince McMahon, and Triple H got worse and worse. Nobody thought that after nine years, WWE would manage to bring back CM Punk.

Now, after nine long years, the 45-year-old will make an appearance on next week’s SmackDown in a special ‘Tribute to the Troops episode. It will be interesting to see what the Voice of the Voiceless has to say.


Bryan Danielson confirms his involvement in a special committee that fired CM punk

CM Punk was fired from AEW by Tony Khan after a physical altercation took place between Punk and fellow AEW superstar Jack Perry. Now, a recent report from Fightful Select informs that Danielson was a part of the three-person committee that encouraged the officials to fire Punk.

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson
CM Punk and Bryan Danielson (via WWE)

While speaking with Maggie and Perloff on their podcast, Danielson confirmed that he was on the committee that led to the firing of CM Punk. The American Dragon spoke all the good things about him, like how he was so important for AEW, and wished him good luck for his run in WWE.

Yeah, I'm part of the disciplinary committee. Clearly, what happened has happened. I'm somebody who, I like CM punk, I think he brought a lot to AEW while he was there.
Bryan Danielson via Maggie & Perloff

Danielson said it was a tough decision to make because Punk has done a lot for AEW, and he wished him all the success for his second run in WWE. Punk returned to WWE, and he didn’t mention AEW in his promo due to his contact. Fans might not be able to know the entire story.

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