Dwayne Johnson’s XFL comes back with new plan for 2024 season after suffering whopping $60 million loss

Dwayne Johnson's XFL to merge with USFL from the upcoming 2024 season.

Dwayne Johnson’s XFL comes back with new plan for 2024 season after suffering whopping $60 million loss

Dwayne Johnson (via XFL)

Dwayne Johnson is one of the only superstars with a successful career outside the WWE along with John Cena. Considered as one of the richest superstars in WWE, he also owns a franchise called XFL, a minor football league. Recently, after the league suffered a huge $60 million loss, Johnson came up with a new plan.


Johnson’s XFL finally managed to take off after multiple failed attempts, but after the season ended, reports of the league losing $60 million came out. Job cuts also made it clear that the league has suffered a huge loss. The inaugural season of the XFL was in 2020.

Dany Garcia, Johnson’s former wife and the co-owner of XFL, came up with the new update. With the motive of making up for the heavy loss, they have come up with a new strategy for the upcoming 2024 season. Garcia updated through her social media that XFL has merged with USFL.

We are now finalizing the terms of  the definitive agreement and will share more about this new league in the upcoming weeks.
Dany Garcia via Instagram

The new season of XFL will kick off on March 30, 2024, as mentioned in the post. Garcia also asked the fans to wait for more updates regarding the merger. It will be interesting to see if the merger shifts XFL’s fortune.


Dwayne Johnson’s recent WWE return was a complete secret

Dwayne Johnson recently made his return to WWE and surprised a lot of fans because it was a clandestine operation. The Rock had a segment with Austin Theory.

Dwayne Johnson and Austin Theory
Dwayne Johnson and Austin Theory (via X)

The Rock was a recent guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. There he explained how he made a phone call to Nick Khan and it all came together. On that day, SmackDown was held in Denver, and Johnson was nearby. This prompted the phone call to Khan, which made it all possible.

So I called my buddies at WWE, Nick Khan, and I said, 'Hey man, I heard SmackDown's here. Can you confirm that?" He said it is. I said, 'Good. Well, The Rock is coming to SmakcDown.' And I went out there and it was incredible. They had no idea, and you guys know how hard it is to keep a secret. This was a full-on secret. The people went nuts; 13000 people sounded like 1,30,000 people, and it was just incredible.
Dywane Johnson on Jimmy Fallon’s show

There has been a lot of speculation about The Rock facing his brother Roman Reigns for the ultimate leadership and the top prize in the industry at WrestleMania, but it seems near impossible because of his hectic work schedule.

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