37-year-old Superstar finally breaks silence after becoming the first person to defeat Gunther in a singles match on Raw 

Gunther faced his first defeat on the main roster at the hands of Chad Gable and the latter has finally reacted to it.

37-year-old Superstar finally breaks silence after becoming the first person to defeat Gunther in a singles match on Raw 

Gunther enraged after his defeat (via Twitter)

Gunther has arguably been the most dominant Intercontinental Champion of this era. He faced Chad Gable this week on RAW with the championship on the line. To everyone’s surprise, Gunther’s undefeated streak on the main roster came to an end at the hands of Gable. After one of the biggest wins of his career, Chad Gable responded on Twitter.

During the match-up, Chad Gable delivered a German suplex to Gunther on the ringside. It allowed him to get a countout victory over the Ring General. This was a historic moment, as Gunther had been undefeated on the main roster for a long time. Chad Gable posted an image of him suplexing Gunther over the barricade with the caption, “Find a way to win.”


Gunther and Chad Gable faced each other in an outstanding matchup. While Gable displayed his in-ring prowess, the Imperium leader destroyed him with his chops. In the closing moments of the match, Gable outsmarted Gunther and achieved a decisive victory over the Ring General.

Gunther had been undefeated ever since his main roster debut in WWE. His reign as the Intercontinental Champion is one of the best reigns in modern history. It is going to be interesting to see the aftermath of this amazing matchup. This feud will likely culminate at Payback.

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WWE likely has huge plans for Chad Gable

Chad Gable
Chad Gable (via WWE)

Chad Gable has been one of the most underrated names in WWE. It looks like WWE has finally decided to harness his full potential and push him onto the main roster. Moreover, the WWE Universe has been demanding his good booking for a while now. Gable has constantly impressed fans and higher-ups with his performances.

According to Wrestle Ops, the match between Chad Gable and Gunther drew the highest viewership on the entire show of Monday Night Raw. This proves that Gable has been really over among the WWE Universe. The Alpha Academy member has struggled his way to the top. WWE is likely planning a massive push for him in the near future.

According to the Wrestling Blog, WWE Officials backstage were very happy with the performance of Chad Gable on RAW. They really appreciated the amount of support Gable has been receiving from the WWE Universe. The Alpha Academy member becoming a fan favorite could propel the company to inject him into the bigger picture.


It will be interesting to see WWE’s plans for Chad Gable in the upcoming weeks. The WWE Universe wants him to win the Intercontinental Championship and end Gunther’s iconic reign. The huge win for Gable on RAW could be the beginning of his massive push that the company likely has in store.

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