“I think I can be good”- When CM Punk revealed he would love to play a villain in a Spiderman movie

When Former WWE Champion CM Punk said he would adore the opportunity to be a villain in a Spider-Man film.

CM Punk in AEW
CM Punk in AEW
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CM Punk was one of the most talented and best during his time in WWE. CM Punk had it everything in him that a perfect wrestler has. Punk was a hard worker, master storyteller and possessed a great in-ring ability and did some exceptional character work. CM Punk had a great ability to switch faces portrayed a babyface and a heel with the same effect. CM Punk’s reign as a 434-day WWE Champion is 6th longest in the history of WWE. He was voted as wrestler of the year in 2011 and 2012 by PWI readers.

CM Punk entered into the wrestling circuit in 1999 and wrestled at the IWA Mid-South in his early wrestling days. He later on joined the Ring of Honor in 2002, where Punk’s match against Samoa Joe for the ROH World Championship in October 2004 received 5 stars from Dave Meltzer. Punk won the ROH World Championship in June 2005 by defeating Austin Aries. He lost the title to Jamie Noble in August of that year.  Punk had made his WWE debut in 2004 on Saturday night heat but didn’t stay for too long in the company thereafter. He was recognized as a WWE wrestler when he became an ECW Champion in 2007.

He then won the MITB Ladder match in 2008 at WrestleMania and won his first major title in the company when he successfully cashed in his MITB contract on Edge to become the World Heavy weight Champion. Since then, Punk has been a 2-time WWE Champion and 3-time World heavy weight Champion. He is also the only wrestler to have won the Money in the Bank Ladder match twice at WrestleMania.

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CM Punk recently talked about the culture in WWE

 CM Punk in his last match at the Royal Rumble in WWE
CM Punk in his last match at the Royal Rumble in WWE

CM Punk left WWE in 2014, citing the grueling schedule, his health issues and lack of freedom for creativity as the reasons for his departure from the company. Punk felt that the company treated him badly during his final years there and that he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved. It has been said that CM Punk wanted to main event at WrestleMania but John Cena was given the push despite Punk working hard for all those years.

This month, while speaking at the Absolute Geek Podcast, Punk spoke about the WWE culture and said that it’s been the same all these years. CM Punk said that when he left the WWE, they called him a quitter and the same has happened with Sasha Banks and Naomi. Punk was indicating that the company was always arbitrary and said that the bootlickers blame people like him, Sasha and Naomi for walking out.

CM Punk has also appeared in some movies and made his acting debut in the movie Girl on the Third Floor. In an interview with Inverse in 2019, Punk was asked about the fictional character he would most like to play in a Marvel film. Punk said that he would love to be whatever the producers want him to play because he is a huge Marvel fan. Punk stated that he had watched the then latest movie Spiderman: far from home and thought that it was very well-made movie, with Mysterio being excellent. Punk ultimately acknowledged that he would portray the Spider-Man villain Kraven with great skill.

“Whatever they want to pay me to portray. I get asked this question in every interview and I wish I had a different answer. But the last movie I saw was the new Spider-Man. I thought it was so well done and what they did with Mysterio was excellent. I think can be a good Kraven.”

CM Punk returned on the latest edition of AEW to confront the interim World Champion Jon Moxley.

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