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“He’s not a WWE P**SY” When this UFC star praised CM Punk for his fair play in the octagon

CM Punk is currently competing in WWE's rival promotion AEW, but The Straight Edge Superstar had also tried his luck at UFC as well.

CM Punk is one of the most popular wrestlers of this modern era. The Straight Edge Superstar is always known for his fearless promos and in-ring charisma. He is often regarded as a great technician in the fraternity. Punk made his WWE debut in 2005 and since then he has gone to become one of the greatest superstars ever to keep a step in the company. Punk has won WWE World Heavyweight Championship thrice, WWE Championship twice and the Intercontinental and ECW Championship once in his career.


After establishing himself majorly as a heel in WWE, Punk was described as an outspoken, straight edge, and “the voice of the voiceless.” During 2011-2012 Punk was at the peak of his career, as he became the longest reigning WWE Champion. But due to creative differences, he made a hiatus from both WWE and professional wrestling in 2014. On December 6, 2014, Punk announced that he would be heading in for UFC to pursue an MMA career.

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UFC Star McGregor praises CM Punk for being real

CM Punk had a short-lived UFC career, but his hard work was appreciated by everyone, including UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

It was announced that Punk would be competing in the welterweight edition and would fight under his professional wrestling name – “CM Punk”. Punk was trained by Duke Roufus, and subsequently Punk would make his UFC debut in 2016 facing Mickey Gail in his debut match in a losing effort. Punk’s loss attracted many reactions around the globe, but most people praised Punk for fighting bravely and asked him to hang in there. One of them was the legendary UFC fighter Conor McGregor as well.

TMZ in an interview asked McGregor about his thoughts on the debut loss of Punk in the UFC. To which McGregor replied- “Fair play to him because he got in there and fought, not a lot of people have the balls to make that work.”  He further said that Punk is not a p**sy like others and has entered the octagon fairly and therefore he respects him.

He further said- “He got his ass whooped; God bless” before walking off. Though Punk earned Conor’s respect, but his MMA career was short-lived as after his second fight against Mike Jackson he retired from MMA as well before making his in ring return at AEW, which remains one of the most anticipated returns of all time.

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