Current champion will miss WWE Elimination Chamber due to a 6-month visa travel ban

Gunther wont travel outside USA for the next six months due to visa restrictions.

Current champion will miss WWE Elimination Chamber due to a 6-month visa travel ban

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Gunther is the longest-reigning Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion and may very well be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. Even though he is a heel, he is praised for his style of wrestling and for the fact that he doesn’t need anybody’s help to defeat his opponent. He also defends his I.C. title many times, making him the best champion on the roster for many fans.

But recently, many fans have questioned why the Ring General is not defending any titles at PLE. He was not booked for the Crown Jewel. The reason for that is now revealed. The 36-year-old is working under a visa, and due to visa restrictions, he will not travel outside the USA for the next 6 months.


According to RingsideNews, Gunther revealed that due to strict visa restrictions, he is not allowed to leave the USA for the next few months while speaking with Krone. That is before Bash in Berlin, which is Imperium member Ludwig Kaiser‘s hometown. Gunther has already missed Crown Jewel and will miss the Elimination Chamber too. Nonetheless, the fans are enjoying Gunther’s title reign as he is defending his title on Raw consistently.

That doesn’t mean he won’t defend his title at any PLE; he will defend his title, but only in the USA for the next six months.

Who is going to be Gunther’s next challenger?

Gunther is the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. The Ring General is on his 512th day as the I.C. champion, and he doesn’t intend to drop the title anytime soon. He has defeated everyone on the roster, and fans are wondering who will be the new challenger.

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On last week’s edition of WWE Raw, Gunther interrupted The Miz and insulted him for only being a laughing stock for the people and not a true wrestler. Miz countered by listing his accolades to Gunther and saying he can be a serious competitor when he wants to be, and he is sick of seeing that prestigious title on the Ring General’s shoulder. It looks like people will get to see Gunther vs. The Miz for the I.C. title.

But first, he has to defeat three other superstars—Ricochet, Bronson Reed, and Ivar—in a Fatal 4-way match on next week’s edition of Raw to become the No. 1 contender for the I.C. title. It will be interesting to see who will win the match and challenge Gunther for the I.C. title.

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