“Just watching him being in the ring”- Damian Priest cites Former WWE Champion as the MOTIVATION in his career

Former United States Champion Damian Priest acknowledges Former WWE Champion The Miz as his inspiration in his career, says he loves The Miz's confidence.

Damian Priest in WWE
Damian Priest in WWE
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The 6 feet 4 inch guy Damian Priest looks dominating in terms of his stature and in ring ability and one day he will surely be one of the top names of the company. Currently, Priest is having a great time being a part of the Judgment Day and looks cool as a heel. Damian Priest along with other members of the Judgment Day are doing some of the best work of their careers. The Judgment day has an upper hand now in their rivalry against Rey Mysterio and their former leader Edge as Dominik, Rey’s son has joined hands with them.

Damian Priest has had a decent career up until now in the company and has mostly performed as a mid-carder, during which he became a one-time United States Champion. Damian Priest has also been a NXT North American Champion during his time in NXT and had been a dominant during his NXT career. Priest had won the North American Championship by defeating Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, Johnny Gargano, and Velveteen Dream.

Priest recently sat down for a chat at WWE’s The Bump with his Judgment Day mates Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley, where he spoke about the high and lows of his career and what motivated him. He claimed that due to his New York Spanish accent and inability to speak English proficiently, he has never felt at ease. Damian Priest identified The Miz as a source of inspiration, claiming that because The Miz exudes such assurance in the ring and is well-liked by the audience, he could utilize The Miz as an example for his own performances.

“I have a New York Spanish accent, I have a deep voice, and I don’t speak either language perfectly [laughs], so I just bumble a lot and stumble over my own words. For me, I’ve never been comfortable. But watching him [The Miz] do his thing, I was like, ‘Oh I can do this this way, it actually makes it easier to make sense and people can understand what I’m saying.’ It was just little things like that, just watching him being in the ring, I could pick up on it and feed off of him.”

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Damian Priest explains Dominik Mysterio’s heel turn

Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest and Finn Balor
Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest and Finn Balor

In the same interview, Damian Priest explained the reason for Dominik Mysterio’s Heel turn. Priest said that he feels that Dominik didn’t betray his father and that Rey himself is influential to turn Dominik heel. Damian Priest feels that Dominik made the decision as he wanted to step out of his father’s shadow. Priest says that Dominik made a decision for his career, name and life. He feels that Dominik wanted to do things for himself instead of living for somebody else.

Damian Priest is slated to fight Matt Riddle in a singles match, next week on RAW.

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