41-year-old WWE Superstar reveals how he had to cover up The Undertaker’s tattoo on his arm following an alarming notice

Damian Priest expressed his love for The Undertaker as he once made a tattoo of The Deadman.

41-year-old WWE Superstar reveals how he had to cover up The Undertaker’s tattoo on his arm following an alarming notice

The Undertaker and Damian Priest (via X/WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has been an inspiration for many current WWE Superstars growing up. Recently, former United States Champion Damian Priest expressed his love for the Deadman. He spoke about his Undertaker-inspired tattoo, which he had to conceal after an alarming notice from a promoter.


Recently, The Judgment Day member appeared on WWE Tattooed, where he revealed the backstories of all his tattoos. He shed light on The Undertaker’s skull tattoo that he has on his biceps. The Phenom has been an inspiration to Damian Priest growing up. Therefore, the latter inscribed Taker’s symbolic skull during the beginning of his pro wrestling career.

Damian Priest revealed that while wrestling on the independent circuit, a promoter advised him to cover that to avoid any potential consequences. The WWE Superstars have a trademark over their particular designs of tattoos, which preserves their uniqueness. Therefore, Priest had to rework The Undertaker-inspired tattoo. He made modifications to it by putting a bat logo inside the skull.

I’m not obsessed I promise, but the Undertaker, I actually did get his symbol tattooed in this skull, and then I started wrestling. Then I was like, ‘probably shouldn’t have done that’. I remember a promoter was like ‘you might have to cover that one day’ so I went and tattooed this bat over it.
Damian Priest on his tattoo

Moreover, The Judgment Day member went on to express his love for The Deadman. Damian Priest revealed that it was The Undertaker’s influence that motivated him to pursue a career in professional wrestling. Although the WWE legend knows Priest’s love for him, Priest divulged that he still falters in front of The Phenom.


Damian Priest has wrestled a good amount of time in his career on the independent circuits. The possible reason behind Priest concealing his tattoo might be to avoid any litigation. As of now, The Archer of Infamy is all set to wrestle in the Men’s WarGames match alongside his faction The Judgment Day.

Damian Priest revealed his most painful tattoo

Damian Priest is one of the most dominant superstars in WWE. His presence and intimidating aura make him unique in his own right. However, his tall stature doesn’t mean The Punisher doesn’t get hurt. Recently, on WWE Tattooed, he shed light on a lot of aspects of his tattoos. Priest also revealed his most painful tattoo.

Damian Priest
Damian Priest (via WWE)

The Judgment Day member talked about his favorite tattoos. He revealed that he underwent a painful process while inscribing all of his tattoos. However, the rose tattoo on his arm is the most painful one, as per The Archer of Infamy. Damian Priest revealed that it has three shades of purple, which required extreme patience.

Most painful tattoos, they all hurt, especially as you get older. I remember there was a time where I liked feeling the pain, not so much anymore. That's why now I stick to getting a lot of small tattoos. The inside of the arms, see, this rose, which has three different shades of purple.
Damian Priest on his most painful tattoo

Damian Priest has a lot of tattoos spread across his body. He revealed that the biggest tattoo is on his back. Although the rose ink on his body was the most painful for him, Priest divulged that purple is his and his mom’s favorite color. Therefore, he decided to give the rose a purple shade. In addition to that, the former United States Champion expressed that tattoos are more painful as a person grows up. Therefore, now he sticks to getting small tattoos only.


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