“Things got a little more physical” The Undertaker reveals the truth behind rumors of him beating up other wrestlers backstage as the locker room leader

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker addresses the rumors of him laying his hands on other superstars in the locker room during his time as the locker room leader.

“Things got a little more physical” The Undertaker reveals the truth behind rumors of him beating up other wrestlers backstage as the locker room leader

The Undertaker and Big E (via Reddit)

The Undertaker has dedicated over thirty years of his life to WWE. Having worked in the company for more than two decades, he has naturally earned the goodwill of his boss and peers alike. The Phenom is indubitably one of the most respected superstars of all time. People admired him for both his on-screen and off-screen personas. It is why he was widely regarded as the locker room leader of his time.

The 58-year-old recently sat down with veteran journalist Bill Apter for an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda. During the conversation, Apter asked The Phenom whether he had to ever deal with an intractable talent in the locker room. Responding to the interviewer, Taker indicated that things had seldom turned physical, with the exception of a single occasion in a supposedly nighttime setting.


The Undertaker went on to explain that the people in the locker room looked up to him. It was largely because they trusted him and vice versa, said the Deadman. He also mentioned that his close relationship with Vince McMahon played a factor in his influence behind the scenes. He stated that the office had complete faith in his leadership.

Yeah, there are a few people I had to pull aside on occasions through the years. Didn't have to slap them around or anything. Yeah, not like the old days. There were a couple of occasions where, in the nightlife aspect, things got a little more physical.
The Undertaker on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge

Furthermore, he added that the wrestlers knew that the former was trying to protect the business and would do what was right for it. In addition, he claimed that he had to tackle a couple of difficult individuals throughout the years. However, things got physical only in the nightlife aspect of his career, per the Hall of Famer. He confirmed that nothing severe ever took place.

The Undertaker sheds light on what he whispered to Bray Wyatt on Raw XXX

The Undertaker earned a name for himself in the wrestling business through his exceptional character work as the “Deadman.” Undoubtedly, character work and connection with the fans are cardinal aspects of pro-wrestling. Another such superstar who carved out an indelible legacy due to his character work was Bray Wyatt. The two individuals crossed paths on Raw XXX earlier this year.

Undertaker and Bray Wyatt
Undertaker and Bray Wyatt on Raw XXX (via Digital Spy)

The special segment between Taker and Wyatt was regarded as the Deadman passing the torch to the latter. However, the Eater of Worlds untimely passed away this August. While speaking in an interview with Bill Apter, the Phenom was asked what he whispered to the late superstar on the Raw XXX edition. However, the Hall of Famer politely refused to answer.

No.That was between Bray and I. It was a moment that we exchanged, and now, with him passing, it needs to stay between us.
The Undertaker on Sportskeeda interview

Elucidating the reason behind his demurral, he stated that the moment he exchanged with Bray Wyatt would remain between both of them. With the latter passing away, he chooses to respect the departed soul and keep those words between the two men, said The Phenom. Needless to say, the shocking demise of Bray Wyatt has left an inexplicable void in the wrestling world.

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