WATCH: Dave Bautista and John Cena’s wholesome reactions to the interviewer revealing about the start of his wrestling career to the WWE legends

Wrestling legends John Cena and Dave Bautista gave advice to an interviewer who was lokking forward to step foot in the ring.

WATCH: Dave Bautista and John Cena’s wholesome reactions to the interviewer revealing about the start of his wrestling career to the WWE legends

Dave Bautista and John Cena (Image via @WrestleFeatures /X)

John Cena and Dave Bautista are not only the future WWE Hall of Famers but also have successful movie careers. They have made many hit movies and were able to balance their wrestling and movie careers. As celebrities, they have to give many interviews, and the fans get to see many wholesome moments during these interviews.


One of those wholesome incidents happened when they both gave an interview to Brandon Davis on separate occasions. Davies, the interviewer, shared that he has been training to step foot in the ring and wanted some advice from both legends. The thing to look at was their wholesome reactions, as they were so excited and happy upon hearing the news.

The 16-time World Champion even advised him to always look to entertain the audience, not himself. He further added that being safe towards himself and his opponent is very important in wrestling so that one can wrestle 200 times a year for 20 years. Cena congratulated him and wished him all the best.

The Animal Batista also congratulated him on his first match in two weeks. The wrestlers very rarely break their kayfabe, but it was wholesome for both of the stars to go out of their characters and share some knowledge. As of now, they both are focusing on their movie careers, and there’s no rumor of both of them returning to the squared circle anytime soon.


John Cena challenged Rob Gronkowski for the Fan Duel Kick of Destiny

WWE legend John Cena is moderately active on social media and mostly posts motivational quotes. However, he challenged NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski for a kick of destiny this Sunday. Kick of Destiny and Fan Duel linked up together for an opportunity for Fan Duel users.

John Cena and Rob Gronkowski
John Cena and Rob Gronkowski (via PR Newswire)

The premise of Kick of Destiny is that the Fan Duel users have to predict if Rob Gronkowski will hit or miss a field goal. He will take the kick of destiny on Sunday before the Super Bowl LVIII. However, the leader of the nation is not ready to accept it yet. He took to X and was pretty confident that Rob would miss the kick.

Rob Gronkowski can say whatever he wants at SBLVIII, there's no chance he's making the Fan Duel KickOfDestiny on Sunday.
John Cena on Rob Gronkowski on X.

Rob also replied to the 16-time world champion and said he has full confidence in himself, and there is no doubt that he won’t miss the kick. The Fan Duel users can place a $5 qualifying bet to get a $200 bonus bet if Rob successfully hits the kick of destiny. It will be interesting to see what transpires on Sunday.

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