28-year-old Superstar replaces injured Carlito to battle Santos Escobar at Survivor Series

After Carlito's physical incompetency, Dragon Lee stepped up to replace him at Survivor Series.

28-year-old Superstar replaces injured Carlito to battle Santos Escobar at Survivor Series

Santos Escobar took out Carlito on SmackDown [via- TNT Sports on X]

This week on SmackDown, things did not go the way Carlito would’ve liked. He lost his cool at Santos Escobar for putting Rey Mysterio in the hospital bed. And for that, The Caribbean Cool vowed to put Santos in his place at Survivor Series. However, it would no longer be the case as the lucha libre upstart Dragon Lee would do the said honors.

It’s because Santos Escobar adroitly buckled Carlito’s shoulder while they were throwing daggers at each other. Even security failed to restore an all-out peace between the two on SmackDown. As a result, General Manager Nick Aldis took Carlito out of tomorrow’s match against Santos Escobar. However, just when Aldis said he’d have to postpone the bout, Dragon Lee popped in.


The 28-year-old high-flyer requested Nick Aldis to let him wrestle on Carlito’s behalf. The former NWA Champion was apparently down to the idea, and he nodded in approval. Dragon Lee will make his main roster premium live event debut in under 24 hours. He’ll get the opportunity to fight for his hero, Rey Mysterio. As has been the case these past few weeks, Lee is quickly rising up the ranks.

It appears like Triple H seems hellbent on establishing him as the successor to Rey Mysterio, the man who called Dragon Lee the future of lucha libre. And if somehow Lee manages to take down Santos Escobar at Survivor Series, it would be the biggest win of his career thus far. However, it may require an unprecedented leap of fortitude from the former NXT Superstar to oust an unhinged Escobar.


Santos Escobar might have some backup ready for Survivor Series

WWE might be planning some shenanigans for Santos Escobar for the upcoming premium live event. As reported earlier, NXT’s Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo have been discussed to join Santos Escobar on SmackDown. It would help Escobar even the odds against the rest of the LWO.

Santos Escobar
Santos Escobar [via- WWE]

The long-term plan calls for group warfare between the mentioned elements. With Rey Mysterio on the sidelines, things are not too bright for the babyfaces. They’re now left with an injured Carlito, flanked by Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde alongside Zelina Vega. Meanwhile, Santos Escobar is rumored to join forces with Garza and Carrillo.

But still, they’d be a woman short. As of late, speculation has picked up steam that Santos’ former ally Elektra Lopez might join him to fill in that female void on his side of things. Things will fall into place sooner than later, as this story is on the brink of something huge.


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