“A beautiful A- from our audience” Dwayne Johnson thanked his fan after the overwhelming response they gave to his movie

The former WWE Champion The Rock or better known as Dwayne Johnson thanked everybody for giving such a positive response to his new animated movie with DC.

The Rock
The Rock is hyped for the release of his next movie with DC which is Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson or known by his ring name The Rock is one of the biggest personalities in the world right now. He is currently the prime example of a successful WWE wrestler who has stepped out of the ring in the film industry and found major success there too and giving a lot of hit movies in today’s world.

The Rock won WWE Championship on ten different occasions and made a legendary and electrifying career in WWE history he also won the 2020 Royal Rumble. After that when he entered the film industry he worked with huge franchises like Fast and Furious and Fast and Furious 5,6,7 and 8.

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Dwayne Johnson is overwhelmed with the response to his animated movie

Dwayne Johnson
The Rock appreciates everybody who saw his new animated movie in theaters.

Dwayne Johnson has recently done an animated movie with DC. The movie was named DC Super League Pets in which he dubbed the main character Krypto. He did this movie with his buddy Kevin Hart who dubbed the character Ace. When the trailer of the movie came out everybody loved the trailer and people were saying that they were going to watch this movie.

When the movie was released in the theatre it did very well and a lot of shows went houseful even the critics like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB are giving it very well ratings saying that the concept and story of the movie are excellent with the best people they could have ever cast.

This movie just made 23 million dollars on day one which beats all the current movie’s box office on the first day. Although it was on top it performed less than the last Pixar movie. The movie currently holds a very good 72 percent from critics and 89 percent of the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The overall grade of the movie was A minus.

While this was Dwayne Johnson’s movie for children his next DC movie Black Adam is for adults and has the potential to revive DC in the current scenario of movies as DC has not given too many super hits in the recent year. Black Adam is a character who can go toe to toe with Superman and is a very strong supervillain.

Dwayne Johnson thanked all the people who went to watch the movie by tweeting this, “Ahhh a beautiful A- from our audience. THANK YOU to all the families and so happy you loved our #SuperPets For the record, I only received an A throughout my scholastic career just ONCE. In college. Miami. Political Science. Go figure”

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