“Very unique,”- WWE Universe delighted as Alexa Bliss reveals the name of her first child 

The WWE Universe congratulated Alexa Bliss after she revealed the name of her first child.

“Very unique,”- WWE Universe delighted as Alexa Bliss reveals the name of her first child 

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera (via Instagram)

Alexa Bliss announced earlier this year that she was expecting her first child with her husband, Ryan Cabrera. A while later, the couple revealed that they were expecting a girl, due in December. Recently, Alexa Bliss let out the name on her X account, which delighted fans on the social media platform.


The WWE superstar posted a wholesome picture of herself and Ryan Cabrera, who was holding a cut-out of their baby’s name, Hendrix Rogue Cabrera. Later, Alexa mentioned that Rogue is a name in relation to the color red. The couple’s announcement was congratulated on Instagram by Renee Paquette and Billie Kay, her former co-workers.

The former Women’s Champion has been off television since February this year. Her last appearance was at the Royal Rumble PLE, where she failed to defeat Bianca Belair for her title. At first, it was revealed that she had taken time off to recover from skin cancer. Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera announced in May that they were expecting their first child.

Little Miss Bliss opened up about her plans for her eventual in-ring return. According to her, she felt satisfied with her journey in WWE so far. Furthermore, the 32-year-old vowed to take her position at the top of the Women’s division once she comes back.


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Wrestling Twitter reacts to Alexa Bliss revealing the name of her first child

Alexa Bliss is one of the most beloved characters in the women’s division. Therefore, when she announced the name of her first girl child, fans showered her with joyous messages. Alexa and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, revealed that they are going to welcome Hendrix Rogue Cabrera into their world in December. 

Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss
Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss(via X)

The couple shared a heartfelt picture online as they awaited the birth of their baby. Moreover, they looked happy for the new stage of their bond as well. Needless to say, the WWE Universe was excited for the couple as they replied to their revelation with delightful messages for them. You can check out some of the best reactions here:

The 32-year-old has provided frequent updates about her pregnancy on her social media accounts. Miss Little Bliss is being missed by fans in the WWE, who hope she comes back as quickly as possible. Previously, Alexa claimed that she wouldn’t rush for an in-ring return. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that she will be present for next year’s WrestleMania as well.


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