Former Women’s Champion confirms she is not returning to WWE at Royal Rumble 2024

WWE Universe disappointed as former Women's Champion, Carmella denies the possibility of her return at Royal Rumble 2024.

Former Women’s Champion confirms she is not returning to WWE at Royal Rumble 2024

WWE Female Superstar (via Fightful)

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Carmella recently gave birth to a beautiful baby. She has been away for quite a considerable time from in-ring action and her fans can’t wait to see her back. The fact that Royal Rumble 2024 is close by, has fans excited about seeing their favorite superstar make their return.

To the disappointment of fans, Mella denied the rumor of her return to the ring. As can be seen in the post, she informed fans about her difficulty in even walking properly. Such a disclosure completely throws away the possibility of her return.


The Princess of Staten Island further revealed how the complications of pregnancies take time to heal. The fact that Carmella gave birth in November, only gives her two months to recover for the Royal Rumble 2024. This is nearly impossible as specialists suggest a bigger rest period to heal completely.

The 36-year-old superstar gave birth after 60 hours of tiring labor. She proudly introduced the young one to her Instagram family by declaring his name, “Dimitri Paul Polinsky.” Mella is also an inspiration to young mothers as she regularly documented the bodily changes on her social media accounts and even raised awareness about the problems of miscarriages that she suffered last year.

A Hall of Famer might make a comeback for the Women’s Royal Rumble 2024 Match

WWE fans were disappointed when the Princess of Staten Island denied the rumors of her comeback. Royal Rumble 2024 is around the corner and Women’s Royal Rumble has a great track record when it comes to having superstar returns.


Fans could expect the Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus to make her return just like she did earlier this year. During her conversation with Chris Van Vliet at the Iron Claw premiere, the former Women’s Champion revealed her desire to return.

When I embarked on the journey, I came back for WrestleMania, 'Let's do this little program.' Suddenly, heel Trish had to come alive. Then, it just kept going and going. I got to do things I didn't get to do, right? Yeah, I mean, I could become an eight-time champ. That sounds good to me. Why not?
Trish Stratus in her Interview
Trish Stratus
Trish Stratus (via WWE)

As can be seen, Stratus was quite satisfied with her recent run against Becky Lynch. She even uplifted the young talent, Zoey Stark as her protege. Many feel that this is not the goodbye and they may see more of her. What could be better than a Royal Rumble return? Fans have witnessed the likes of Ronda Rousey making her return and even winning the Rumble!

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