SmackDown GM Nick Aldis prepares Randy Orton for the massive consequences of hitting him with an RKO

Nick Aldis sends an implicit warning to Randy Orton of a severe punishment for hitting the former with an RKO.

SmackDown GM Nick Aldis prepares Randy Orton for the massive consequences of hitting him with an RKO

Nick Aldis and Randy Orton (via WWE and Digital Spy)

The Apex Predator, Randy Orton, made his jaw-dropping comeback at the recently held Survivor Series WarGames match. Orton has reinvigorated WWE programming with his electrifying presence in merely a week after returning. That being said, it seems like the Viper has to face heavy consequences for ambushing SmackDown GM Nick Aldis with an RKO out of nowhere.

Following his return to Raw, it was announced that the 43-year-old would appear on SmackDown this past Saturday. This was Orton’s first-ever SmackDown appearance in over 18 months. General Manager Nick Aldis fell victim to an RKO out of nowhere in the waning moments of the blue brand. Orton’s unwarranted attack has enraged the 37-year-old. As a result, Aldis has hinted at penalizing the Viper on social media.


Taking it to Instagram, the official WWE handle uploaded a video of Orton delivering a mind-boggling RKO to Aldis. Reacting to the post, the 37-year-old has commented that the Viper should be prepared to face the repercussions of his actions. Moreover, he had asked the superstar to bring his checkbook next week.

Nick Aldis’ comment under WWE’s Instagram post (via Instagram)

The SmackDown General Manager seems to be considering a hefty fine for the superstar. Furthermore, another 34-year-old superstar has taken shots at Nick Aldis for tirelessly harping on about Randy Orton. Fans will have to wait until next week’s episode of SmackDown to see how the rift between the two men shapes up.

Randy Orton finally breaks his silence after laying out SmackDown GM, Nick Aldis with an RKO

Randy Orton made his long-awaited return to the Blue Brand on the latest episode of the show. The Viper appeared on the show, aiming to seek retribution from the Bloodline. This was largely due to the Bloodline being the reason Orton was absent from WWE for 18 months. In an unexpected turn of events, the superstar hit an RKO on SmackDown GM Nick Aldis.

Nick Aldis and Randy Orton
Nick Aldis and Randy Orton on WWE SmackDown (via WWE)

After getting a taste of Orton’s finishing move, Aldis addressed the same on his X handle. He stated that it was an RKO outta-nowhere. Days after the incident took place, the 43-year-old has finally broken his silence over flattening out the former TNA World Champion. The Apex Predator retweeted Aldis’ post and added a snake emoji in his response.

Trusting a Viper is never a smart idea. And Nick Aldis had to pay the price for the same. Furthermore, the Viper has set his sights on the Bloodline. With Roman Reigns returning to the blue brand in a few weeks, it will be interesting to see how this feud plays out.

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