“Dude get over it,” 34-year-old Superstar pleads Nick Aldis to look past the embarrassment served to him by Randy Orton on SmackDown

Bayley has urged the SmackDown general manager to think beyond receiving an RKO on SmackDown.

“Dude get over it,” 34-year-old Superstar pleads Nick Aldis to look past the embarrassment served to him by Randy Orton on SmackDown

Bayley reacts to Nick Aldis getting RKOed [via- USA Network and WWE]

How does it feel to be dropped on the head by authority? Ask Nick Aldis, as he fell victim to an RKO out of nowhere on this past Friday’s SmackDown. During the closing moments of the show, Nick Aldis was celebrating with Randy Orton, as the latter had just signed with the blue brand. However, The Viper spared no thought; even for his boss, the 14-time World Champion turned his lights out.

Reacting to the same, Nick Aldis took to X and quoted a reply to his picture with Randy Orton, seconds before the catastrophe. Aldis implied that everything was going well until he was grounded. Replying to the same post, Bayley has now urged Mr. Aldis to get over what happened. The Damage CTRL member is known for having her say on social media, and the latest one earned her a reply from the SmackDown GM.


Nick clapped back at Bayley and posted a GIF, which implied that he had taken note of The Role Model’s advice. Thus far, Bayley and Aldis haven’t come across many times despite being under the same building weekly. However, things have begun running south for the former SmackDown Women’s Champion. She’s apparently getting snubbed by her own Damage CTRL members of late.

Last night at a WWE live event, Bayley toyed with some of the fan signboards. She tore some, but flaunted the one that had “Bayley is hot” written over it and later dumped it as well. She is going through a lot, and it appears her on-screen interaction with Nick Aldis could only be a matter of time.


What does Nick Aldis signing Randy Orton to SmackDown mean?

As was made official, Randy Orton has finally joined SmackDown. He did so in pursuit of avenging the hardships inflicted on him by The Bloodline. The Legend Killer is incensed over the fact that Roman Reigns and his goons took away 18 months of his career.

Nick Aldis and Randy Orton on SmackDown
Nick Aldis and Randy Orton on SmackDown [via- WWE]

And now, it’s time for Randy to give it back. After putting pen to paper, Orton asked Paul Heyman if he could call Roman Reigns and tell him that Daddy’s back. And with that kind of fire in his cadence, it’s clear as daylight that The Viper is hungry to take down The Tribal Chief.

These two men have collided with each other only once at a premium live event. It happened way back at SummerSlam in 2014. And now, WWE seems on track to running it back sooner than later. By the looks of it, the clash could easily take centrestage at next month’s Royal Rumble.


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