WATCH: Guy gets tased by cops after delivering vicious Roman Reigns’ inspired spear to save friend in a street fight

A guy gets knocked out by police after getting caught delivering a WWE-style Roman Reigns-inspired spear in a street brawl.

WATCH: Guy gets tased by cops after delivering vicious Roman Reigns’ inspired spear to save friend in a street fight

Roman Reigns delivering a spear to Jey Uso at WWE Money in The Bank (via WWE and X)

Street fights are becoming an increasingly common occurrence these days. People engage in random physical confrontations for the most ludicrous reasons.

These irresponsible skirmishes not only carry the risk of fatal injury, but they also come with the possibility of incarceration for the aggressor. Having said that, a man got busted by US cops after delivering a nasty Roman Reigns-inspired WWE spear in a street brawl.


Notably, this is not the first footage of a roadside fight that Street Fight Hard has posted. It appears that the recently shared altercation happened outside of a building’s parking lot.

The shared video featured two men wearing black and red shirts grappling with each other. Several others, including a man sporting a neon-colored hoodie, got into the fray. In an effort to protect his friend, the latter assaulted the black-shirted man with a Roman Reigns-style spear.

The police soon entered the scene and tased the neon hoodie guy. As soon as the cops got involved, all the other men absconded from the place. It’s interesting to note that this frantic altercation on the street included a spear as well as elements of a WWE Royal Rumble match. A slew of men trading blows with each other was reminiscent of the multi-man Royal Rumble.


Moreover, the spear is one of the most widely used finishers in professional wrestling. The devastating finishing maneuver is regarded as one of the most effective moves of all time.

WWE superstars such as Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, and NXT superstar Bron Breakker use spears as their signature moves. In another story, two high schoolers got into a fight while using a Roman Reigns-esque spear.

Netizens react to the man who got tased by the cop after hitting a devastating Roman Reigns-inspired spear

In the aforementioned video, a man wearing a neon hoodie was nabbed by the police for causing public disruption. Funnily enough, he used a Roman Reigns-inspired spear to save his friend.


Netizens responded to the widely shared video with a series of humorous comments. Let’s take a look at some of the top reactions. One of the top comments cheekily read that the man should have minded his own business.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes
Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39 (via WWE and X)

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Another user, just below the top comment, conveyed the same sentiment using a “Stay in your lane” GIF. Furthermore, a person sarcastically remarked that the neon hoodie guy should have stayed out of the trouble. Referring to his friends running from the cop, one user mockingly indicated that he has fake friends. Meanwhile, another person showed sympathy to the man, stating that he was just looking out for his friend.


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