When stoned Jeff Hardy revealed Dave Bautista’s ‘d*ck size’ in a press conference

Jeff Hardy answered the most anticipated question from the fans about former WWE superstar Batista during a Q&A session. 

When stoned Jeff Hardy revealed Dave Bautista’s ‘d*ck size’ in a press conference

Batista and Jeff Hardy (via Twitter)

Jeff Hardy has a public history of substance abuse and addiction. He has been stoned and under the influence on screen multiple times in the past. One of the instances was when a stoned Jeff Hardy talked about Dave Bautista and the size of his penis.


During a Q&A session, a fan asked a question to the panel about the size of Batista’s d**k. The crowd applauded at the question, as it had been a rumored topic among wrestling fans for a long time. The panel included Jeff Hardy, William Regal, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff, along with the interviewer. All the other members got awkward with the question and refused to answer.

However, Jeff Hardy did not hesitate to answer the question, revealing that Dave Bautista has a 7-inch penis. It was evident that Hardy was stoned during the show, as he started singing after his answer. Therefore, it was awkward to see for the fans as well as the other panelists.

Jeff Hardy has struggled with addiction several times in the past. Recently, Hardy was suspended from AEW as he checked into rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addiction. He returned from the suspension a few months ago.


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GCW announces Jeff Hardy on their upcoming show

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy (via GCW Twitter)

Since returning from rehabilitation, Jeff Hardy has had very few appearances in AEW. His last match came in June, when he teamed up with his brother, Matt Hardy, to wrestle The Gunns. It was later revealed by Matt Hardy that Jeff suffered an injury during the match and is scheduled to be out for an unspecified period of time.

However, Game Changer Wrestling, GCW made the shocking announcement that the former WWE Champion will make his debut in their upcoming show. My Name Is GCW is the upcoming event, and Jeff Hardy will make his GCW debut on the show on August 4th. The card for the event also features stars like Lio Rush, Mike Bailey, Komander, Blake Christian, Nick Gage, and others.

GCW is one of the best-known independent promotions in America, in addition to big companies like WWE and AEW. Various superstars who now work for WWE, AEW, or Impact have appeared in GCW in the past. Superstars like Nick Wayne, Matt Riddle, Matt Cardona, Maki Ito, and many others have worked for the company.


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