WATCH: Jey Uso finally steps up for a singles championship against record-breaking champion on Raw

Jey Uso maintains his momentum by stepping up to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Title.

WATCH: Jey Uso finally steps up for a singles championship against record-breaking champion on Raw

Jey Uso challenges Gunther on Raw (via X/@TheEnemiesPE3)

Last year, Jey Uso established himself as one of the top wrestlers in WWE. However, the beginning of 2024 posed challenges for him when a tag match abruptly ended due to an unfortunate injury to his opponent. Undeterred, The YEET master rebounded by securing a significant victory in his first singles match of the year. Buoyed by this momentum, Jey has now set his sights on a formidable opponent, Gunther

This week on Raw, The Ring General alongside Imperium came together to celebrate his extraordinary 605-day reign as the Intercontinental Champion. However, the jubilant atmosphere took an unexpected turn when “Main Event” Jey Uso interrupted the celebration. With an energetic entrance and a challenge in hand, he confronted Gunther, expressing his desire for an Intercontinental Title showdown.

Gunther, however, mocked Jey’s gestures, claiming they were simple for a simple audience. He reminded him that the last time they crossed paths was at the Royal Rumble, where The Ring General eliminated him.

The former Bloodline member defended himself, praising Gunther’s accomplishments but highlighting his own achievements as a decorated tag team wrestler. The champion argued that Jey only added 50% to tag team success, contrasting his solo achievements in wrestling.

Jey Uso rallied the crowd, expressing his desire to be the Intercontinental Champion and asking for a “YEET” chant from the audience, which they enthusiastically provided. Gunther responded by belittling his accomplishments, suggesting that he only recently stepped out of his family’s shadow after 15 years. This interaction sets up a potential title showdown between these two wrestlers, and fans are eagerly anticipating the match.

Jey Uso and New Day vs. Imperium set up for next week’s Raw

As tensions peaked during the segment’s climax, Gunther’s forceful shove sparked a heated altercation with Jey Uso. Amidst the chaos, Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci swiftly intervened, blindsiding Jey with a vicious assault. The situation appeared dire until Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston of The New Day sprinted to the ring, leveling the playing field. They also had some recent conflicts with Imperium.

Jey Uso and New Day vs. Imperium
Jey Uso and New Day vs. Imperium (via WWE)

The New Day’s timely intervention diffused the escalating conflict, compelling Imperium to retreat momentarily. Later in the broadcast, WWE made a thrilling announcement: an intriguing 6-man tag team bout was set, featuring The New Day and Jey Uso locking horns with Imperium. The revelation left fans electrified, eagerly anticipating the explosive clash scheduled for next week’s Raw.

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